Werner Park Lights Project Nears Completion In Warminster

March 7, 2024 0 By JohnValbyNation

WARMINSTER, PA —The hope was to get the project completed by the end of February.

But work on the Werner Park lighting project is being extended at least for two more weeks.

The Warminster Township Board of Supervisors approved a change order for the Werner Park Lighting Improvements to extend the time extension for the project at its recent meeting.

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The project is expected to be completed on March 15, township officials said.

“Thank you, Ken. He really did work on that project and got it going,” Supervisors Chairwoman Kathy Frescatore said of her colleague, Supervisors Vice Chairman Kenneth Hayes.

Find out what's happening in Warminsterwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Hayes said the project was delayed by weather.

“With it raining so much, the ground was saturated and it was hard to get equipment in and out,” Hayes said. “It would also cause damage to the field.”

The new lighting for Werner Park —the first park planned for a $3-5 million township park lighting project —began in October.

Plans called for Werner Park to be the first township park to get lighting upgrades. The upgrades are expected to cost just under $1 million.

The lighting at Werner Park was first installed in 1956.

The project suffered some delays due to supply chain issues. He said that vendors needed time to get the materials, which are all electrical.

Last December, Warminster Parks and Recreation Director Jessica Fox presented supervisors with lighting plan options for the township’s five main parks: Werner, Munro, Syzmanek, Log College, and Warminster Community Park.

Officials estimated the entire park project could cost between $3-5 million, but that the upgrades would be spread out over time since the township can’t afford to tackle such an expense in one shot.

Werner Park —$902,000

The cost for the lighting at the fields would be $550,000 and $302,000 for electrical work ($210,000 for service and $92,000 for sports lighting. Engineering would cost $50,000 ($37,000 for bidding/administration and $13,000 for construction observation.)

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