Month: May 2020

Global Fashion Group launches 100 percent recycled packaging

International e-commerce group, Global Fashion Group, has launched 100 percent recycled “delivery satchels” for its Australian multibrand e-tailer, The Iconic. The new packaging is made from 100 percent recycled plastic and feature’s Iconic’s updated white aesthetic. The new delivery satchels has been certified under the GECA’s (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Recycled Products Standard. The move…

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Listening #200: Tzar DST1 & Shindo Montille CV 391

Click Here: Fjallraven Kanken Art Spring Landscape Backpacks Products come and go. Some impress more than others, and in our little world, the ones that impress the most wind up in Class A of our semiannual “Recommended Components” feature. After a product makes it to that list, if Stereophile‘s reviewers go more than a few…

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DALI Callisto 6 C wireless loudspeaker

Click Here: Fjallraven Kanken Art Spring Landscape Backpacks PS Audio’s Paul McGowan has been sending out a daily newsletter by email since 2011. In his May 29, 2019 epistle he asked, “What would our world of high-end audio look like if there were only active wireless loudspeakers? If even the half-a-million-dollar mega-beasts were internally amplified…

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