Marten Mingus Orchestra Speakers, Stromtank 2500 Power Conditioner, CH Precision Electronics, Jorma Cabling

July 6, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Marten, which is currently searching for new distribution in the US, unveiled its new Mingus Orchestra four-way loudspeaker (€185,000/pair). Using the same drivers and crossover as their top-of-the-line Supreme 2 (€450,000/pair), albeit with fewer bass drivers and a less expensive cabinet, the new Marten sounded superb in the context of a first-rate system.

Battery-powered by a Stromtank 2500, which transcended a host of serious problems with the show venue’s AC power, the system delivered absolutely crisp, clean, and beautiful sound on a track from the LP The King James Version from Harry James & His Big Band. Switching to 44.1 files, Nelson Riddle’s smiling orchestra sounded equally clean, sparkling, and lively on this excellent system. Finally, Charles Mackerras’s recording of Schubert’s Ninth Symphony totally filled the space but lacked the last little bit of air and pliability.

Marten’s Mingus Orchestra stands 5’7.3″ off the floor, and has a sensitivity of 89dB, impedance of 6 ohms, and weight of 288 lb.

Also heard: Jorma Statement cabling (€120,000 euros total); CH Precision’s D1 Drive, C1 DAC, L1 analog preamp, P1 phono preamp, and M1.1 mono amps; and the SAT XD1 Record Player System.

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