NWA Power results: Ricky Morton vs. Yabbo The Clown

June 28, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

This week's NWA Power featured a TV title match and a tag team match featuring NWA World Champion Tyrus.

NWA TV Champion Thom Latimer vs. EC3 went to a time limit draw

Latimer had his third defense of the TV title, and at least his second draw, I believe This sucked. There is no way around it. If they actually tried to work, it could have been decent. Latimer is good and EC3 can be fine when he wants to, but it is so clear no one cares about EC3. He did not get over here at all.

Latimer and EC3 locked up, wasting a full minute of the 6:05 time limit. Both men exchanged basic holds and takedowns until four minutes were left. Danny Dealz on commentary noted that they had to get going because there was only a short amount of time to win. He was correct. If the match made sense, EC3 should be doing submissions and high impact moves from the beginning.

Both continued to do nothing until there was 2:30 left. A few fans chanted, “This is wrestling!” which is technically true, but was hardly representative of the entire audience as the announcers indicated. The fans started chanting “Fight!” at the two-minute mark, so they picked up the pace a little.

EC3 hit a Thesz press and a standing splash. EC3 did his Ultimate Warrior imitation in slow motion when he shook the ropes to no reaction while screaming that he was “over, man.” Both men hit double clotheslines with 30 seconds left. The time limit expired as they threw punches and the crowd booed. Billy Corgan denied the fans five more minutes, saying that the time limit was the time limit.

– The announcers told us we would see highlights of the NWA/AAA events in Mexico. I wish we saw that instead of what we saw previously.

Yabbo the Clown defeated Ricky Morton

This was not good, but I was greatly entertained for the four minutes of the match. I’m not sure what that means.

To no surprise, Morton got one of the larger reactions from the audience for this TV taping. Yabbo blew up a balloon and offered it to Morton. He then let go of the balloon, causing it to fly away as Morton tried to grab it. Yabbo got the heat after no selling a stomp to the foot since his clown shoes were so huge. Yabbo did more magic than "Magic" Jake Dumas when he pulled a ribbon out of his hands magically to gouge the eyes of Morton. Yabbo  then rolled Morton up and got his feet on the ropes to win.

– Aron Stevens was with May Valentine with Blunt Force Trauma. Valentine indicated he had landed something she called a coup. It was implied that we all knew what it was, but they never told us what it was.

Bully Ray promo

Kyle Davis was in the ring with Bully Ray who apologized to Thom Latimer and said that he only said what he honestly thought about Latimer at Billy Corgan’s request. 

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Ray said that he said some things that got into the head of Latimer which why Latimer got himself DQ’d in their match. Ray then had the fans chant for Latimer, saying he was teaching him to keep his head cool because he believed Latimer would be NWA World Champion.

Daisy Kill came out and said he wrote a song for Ray. He played his ukulele and insulted Ray who put him over for the guts to do that. Ray inspired a standing ovation for Kill, and said he was going to sing a song now. Ray then sang a song saying he was going to beat up Kill.

Bully Ray defeated Daisy Kill

Ray hit a uranage and followed up on his promise.

– Valentine was with Kenzie & Kylie Paige, noting that Kenzie is the NWA Women’s Television Champion now. Kylie said that she and Kenzie are the new legacy in the NWA, and that they may adopt some new family members for Pretty Empowered.

– Cyon was with Valentine and said that losing his National title was the best thing that happened to him, because he knew exactly what he wanted. Cyon said that he was tired of listening to Austin Idol, Tyrus, and anyone else, because the NWA was his now.

NWA World Champion Tyrus & Chris Adonis vs. Blunt Force Trauma (Carnage & Damage) (w/ Aron Stevens) went to a draw

Yikes. This was a bad finish to end all bad finishes. I have no problems with a countout if it makes sense, but how they got to it in this match made no sense at all. Tyrus had no reason to follow everyone to the floor. He could have just waited for Carnage to get back into the ring which made him look very stupid.

Tyrus and Adonis apparently agreed to team off screen as they came out looking like good friends this week as opposed to last week. Damage and Tyrus started with Tyrus hitting a bionic elbow before tagging out to Adonis. Adonis and Rockett (Carnage) carried the work of this match more than other two which is probably wise. Blunt Force Trauma got the heat on Adonis for a few minutes, using nerve holds and chin locks to keep him down.

Adonis dodged a corner charge and made the hot tag to Tyrus. Tyrus hit a series of clotheslines and then a suplex on Carnage as Tim Storm insisted Carnage weighed ten hundred eighty pounds. Stevens got into the ring to distract the referee. He faced off with Tyrus and as Tyrus scared him, he fell into the Master Lock. 

Masters kept it on until Stevens passed out. Meanwhile, Tyrus just followed Carnage to the floor for no reason and started fighting with them until there was a countout. What a stupid finish.

Final Thoughts:

The best part of this show was easily Bully Ray, his promo, and then the squash match. Morton and Yabbo was entertaining. Kenzie and Kylie Paige showed some heelish charisma, but the rest of this show was not good. At. All.