WWE Raw Results (2/10): Becky Lynch Defends Her Title, Matt Hardy Confronts Randy Orton, More

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We kick off WWE Raw with Seth Rollins and his group where Seth says the name the fans have given him of the “Monday Night Messiah” is one that was difficult for him at first. However, he understands how tough it is for the fans to make difficult decisions, so he is here to make them for them, to lead us into the future.

Rollins wants to talk about what happened last week as a video package is shown from the elimination six-man tag. He said they then cost him an opportunity against Brock Lesnar later in the night saying his patience is running thin about them.

Rollins says they are giving a message about progression, and they’re not leaving the ring until that is heard…which leads to Kevin Owens making his way out. Rollins warns KO to not get in over his head, as people that have done that have ended up hurt, like Samoa Joe and Ivar.

Kevin Owens says that every week Seth runs his mouth and sounds stupid as hell. He says he now looks stupid on top of that (he has a new jacket), adding that Seth just keeps talking whereas what he does is just keep fighting. KO then says he is not alone, and the Viking Raiders make their way out.

The three of them make their way out and the brawl begins. While Seth Rollins stands confidently in the ring, Samoa Joe pops up behind him and locks in the Coquina Clutch until AOP comes to his aid. Those three get sent packing with Murphy eating a Stunner as the babyfaces stand tall to kick start the show.

TOLD YA.@SamoaJoe locks in the #CoquinaClutch on @WWERollins! #Raw pic.twitter.com/M9TMJZ2iwl

— WWE (@WWE) February 11, 2020


The women lock up to start with Asuka quickly looking to work the arm as she controls the early moments of the match. However after the two women hit the ropes several times, Becky Lynch is able to knock down Asuka as she then drags her across the ring.

The Man then gets distracted by Kairi Sane on the ring apron which allows Asuka to nail her with a Hip Attack, knocking her to the floor. When we return from commercial, Asuka is in complete control, grabbing the arm of Lynch, who begins to battle back with some stiff forearms.

However as The Man tries to hit the ropes, Asuka catches her with another Hip Attack. But Lynch keeps fighting and drops her challenger with several clotheslines and then a dropkick, putting Asuka on her back. The Man lights up Asuka with several forearms, as she then aims to lock in her finisher, but Asuka doesn’t allow it and catches her with a knee to the face.

However, Becky then plays possum a little and sends Asuka to the outside as she then wipes out Kairi Sane after diving from the ring apron. However, while Lynch’s back is turned, Asuka takes advantage with a kick to the back.

As the women return to the ring Lynch catches Asuka with a big boot and tries to follow it up by diving off the second rope, only to be caught with a Codebreaker of sorts from the challenger. The champion then gets sent shoulder first into the post, but Asuka tries to hit another Hip Attack only for Lynch to move out of the way.

She locks in the Dis-Arm-Her while they’re tied up in the ropes but after the five-count they keep brawling with Asuka eventually being driven into the ring apron!

STRAIGHT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#Raw @BeckyLynchWWE pic.twitter.com/HTUASXYIiz

— WWE (@WWE) February 11, 2020

After another commercial, we return with the two women at the top rope as Asuka hits a superplex, but the Raw Women’s Champion is able to kick out. However, she follows it by locking in an Arm Bar, but Lynch manages to power out as she then dumps Asuka back down to the mat.

Becky then goes for a leg drop from the second rope, but Asuka avoids it and tries to get the Asuka Lock connected, but the two women scramble around to stop it from happening, going back and forth with lots of roll-ups. However, as they keep chasing each other, Becky Lynch connects with a Rock Bottom of sorts in order to retain her title.

Winner: Becky Lynch

The celebrations are cut short though, Shayna Baszler is here! The former NXT Women’s Champion attacks Becky from behind and takes out her gum shield to bite the back of Becky Lynch’s neck to the point where she has blood pouring from her mouth!

♠ SHAYNA CAME TO PLAY. ♠@QoSBaszler is on #Raw making a STATEMENT at the expense of @BeckyLynchWWE! pic.twitter.com/YWadnRnNpB

— WWE NXT (@WWENXT) February 11, 2020

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