Jim Ross Blog: Randy Orton's Character, TNA/ROH Working Together & More

December 19, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog:

On The Ross Report podcast: “Big day for the new, Ross Report podcast that drops tonight at 9 pm ET with special guest Jason Powell of @prowrestling.net and I talking about WWE’s Hell in a Cell, the potential in a possible Impact/ROH working relationship and Jason’s 5 questions for me all at podcastone.com. Every thing you need to know about our podcast, how to subscribe for FREE, our sponsors, and our relationship with Amazon can be easily found at podcastone.com. Let’s grill…. One of the questions Jason Powell asked me on our new podcast was who would be my top draft pick off the NXT roster most ready for a main roster spot in WWE. My answer will surprise some but I think that you will understand my reasoning when you hear the podcast.”

On Randy Orton: “Lots of talk on Raw explaining their recent storyline tweaks after HIAC which is understandable. The Randy Orton story line direction is intriguing and it seems to have re-invigorated the third generation star that yours truly had to lobby with Vince McMahon to hire back in the day. That’s a good thing quite honestly because if I couldn’t sell the boss on a talent then I must have not have been overly sold on said talent myself. A motivated and renewed Orton can be a great asset to the brand which is in dire need of ‘new’ and ‘hot.'”

On TNA and ROH working together: “Tonight on the new, Ross Report podcast, Jason and I also talk about the benefits of a potential working relationship between Impact Wrestling and ROH. Why wouldn’t they be able to cooperate on select matters? One is exclusively on syndicated/local TV and the other is on cable. I’m optimistic that Impact will get a new TV deal because some cable network will covet Impact’s 1M viewers that they can bring with them and with good booking that number can easily grow if they find their exclusivity factors within the world of cable, TV wrestling. Both brands could use allies and why egos and outdated agendas can’t be set aside to enable both brands to grow and get healthier is beyond me. The mutual benefits are endless if both companies are willing to communicate and do what’s best for their talents and their fans. Facilitating various ways for the talents to earn more money should be a higher priority than any upper management agendas one might create.”

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