AJ Styles Explains Why He Doesn't Want To Work For WWE

December 18, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

NJPW star AJ Styles (and his fellow Bullet Club members Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) were guests on MLW Radio’s Talk’n Shop Podcast (Episode #25). Styles spoke about breaking into wrestling and said “Benjamin Franklin” inspired him to become a pro wrestler, implying he was motivated by making a good living.

When asked about the worst “shoot” he’s ever seen, Styles said:

“I’ve seen Low-Ki chop a guy’s nipples off… Just beat him, man. Some guys you’ve got to fight back or they’ll just keep doing it. That’s probably the first thing you learn in wrestling; you’ve got to take it or you’ve got to give it back.”

One of the hosts said he’d seen Low-Ki work very stiff against Prince Devitt (NXT star Finn Balor) and explained that there wasn’t any malice involved, they were just working for a promotion that put on stiff matches.

When asked if he ever wants to join WWE, Styles replied:

“Why would I want to go to WWE? AJ SI mean honestly… They’re struggling right now with the Network… I’m in the hottest wrestling company in the world—New Japan—and I’m with the hottest wrestling group. We can say it over and over again. It’s absolutely true.”

You can listen to the entire episode at this link.

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