AJ Styles: Roman Reigns Should Get More Credit From Fans

December 9, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

After working several matches with him, AJ Styles says Roman Reigns is better than people give him credit for. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Styles talked about his Extreme Rules opponent and the heat he gets from fans.

“I think [Reigns] is a better athlete than a lot of people realize. He should get a lot more credit for his athleticism,” Styles said of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. “He’s unbelievable, he can do a lot of stuff. I think he’s been able to showcase that with me. We’re doing something right – I don’t think people gave Roman a chance.”

The former TNA World Champion has a theory about why Reigns gets booed so loudly by the live WWE audiences. “In fact, I think a lot of fans jumped on the bandwagon when someone started booing, instead of taking the chance to see what he could do in the ring,” Styles said of Reigns’ heat with the crowds.

AJ also said he never expected to wrestle at a WrestleMania, and that doing that is a big notch on his belt. Styles mentioned working a WWE main event as another highlight for him, and says someday he wants to be in the Hall of Fame.

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