Backstage News on Incident with Baron Corbin

December 1, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

— Baron Corbin’s situation has been a hot topic of discussion over the past few weeks, especially after it was thought that he was earmarked for a WWE title reign, was given the Money in the Bank contract before it was all seemingly scrapped and his push stopped.

— Speculation was rampant on the cause of him being booked in the manner he was with rumors from Twitter conduct to John Cena being responsible for it all to some other “incident” as being the main causes.

— According to a report at, it appears neither Twitter nor Cena was the reason but rather an incident that occurred in the first week of August when WWE brought in Dr. Joseph Maroon – head of the company’s Wellness Policy – to discuss the importance of concussions.

— During that meeting, Maroon discussed a recent study about NFL players and concussions which appeared to downplay the scenario that football players would always go onto develop CTE.

— Corbin reportedly took exception to this – as a former player who is currently involved in a class action lawsuit against the NFL – and went back and forth with Maroon, even to the point where he stated that he knows Maroon is against CTE. Maroon then had to spend several minutes defending himself in a situation that others described as “awkward.”

— While multiple people felt that Corbin did nothing wrong except speak his opinion and that it was impressive that he spoke up in that manner in front of management, there are others who felt that it was just the wrong time and place for him to do that and he should have instead pulled Maroon aside after the fact to discuss his counterpoints.

— Because it disrupted the flow of the meeting and took away the emphasis of educating talent, it is believed this is what led to WWE booking him the way he has over the past month, however, Corbin remains in the mix at the top of the Smackdown brand and there is no permanent punishment or anything like that to speak of.

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