Keith Lee Talks About His ROH Departure, Matthew Riddle, WWN Championship

November 30, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Former Ring Of Honor (ROH) wrestler Keith Lee recently spoke with ESPN for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On Matthew Riddle: “Matt Riddle is a very unique competitor. I think more people are trying to emulate his style nowadays, but his style, as a wrestler, is something I enjoy. We’re actually somewhat similar in terms of how we carry ourselves too. I’m a fairly laid-back fellow and I often just enjoy myself in a ring. And Riddle is very much the same. But when he gets pushed to another level he becomes a very intense animal, so to speak. And so getting in a ring with him, automatically, if you are a true talent, it’s going to push you to another level.”

On defeating Riddle for the WWN Championship and his goals as champion: “As far as winning, and becoming champion for WWN, I think that’s obviously a quite the large deal, considering I’ve been a part of WWN for less than a year. It makes me super-duper proud, and I think that my focus has [already] shifted to the growth of this title and raising the prestige of it. … Now my interest is in taking this title to other countries, defending it and making it a world title. Typically, once I get a championship, its value rises — and it will be no different this time.”

On leaving ROH: “You know, when I made that decision, I was 100 percent comfortable with it then. I felt like I made the right decision. Other people will tell you, ‘Now it’s justified — now I made the right decision.’ No, I made the right decision then, and I’ve been able to capitalize on opportunities given to me. I think that knowing that I was going to get opportunities to push myself and have the matches I believe I’m worthy of, and opportunities to be in a position where I can stand out or have the opportunity to run with the ball, so to speak, meant more to me.”

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