Mark Henry Says There's a 50-50 Split Among Black Wrestlers Over Hulk Hogan's Return

November 23, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

The following is from TMZ:

Mark Henry says there’s a divide among black wrestlers over the WWE’s decision to accept Hulk Hogan back into the community … just three years after he was caught on tape using the n-word.

“It’s 50-50,” Henry tells TMZ Sports. “I’ve talked to guys that were like, ‘Man, the hell with him.'”

Don’t count Mark on that side of the coin, however.

The ex-WWE world champ says he thinks Hulk’s apologies over the incident have been sincere … and he believes Hogan’s punishment and penance since the rant have been enough.

“I do feel like he genuinely wants to clear his name,” the host of “Busted Open” radio tells us.

“He sees people that used to respect him, they look at him different. And it hurts. And he brought that on himself. But, he’s trying his best to clear that up.”