Jim Ross Reveals ALL IN Business Numbers, Talks CM Punk Not Being There

November 22, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently spent some time talking about the business that ALL IN did this past weekend, as well as reactions from the fans about CM Punk not being at the event despite it being in his hometown and him taking part in Starrcast weekend. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On the business FITE TV did for ALL IN: “They set record business. The Fite app is saying that their PPV business is the biggest they’ve ever had and it will easily exceed one million dollars in sales. They just did phenomenal business. I talked to Mike Weber and Mike told me that Fite was the number one sports app over the weekend in the land. That means that this wrestling event orchestrated by Cody, The Young Bucks and certainly Conrad Thompson, drove more revenue than MLB TV, ESPN, Fubo TV, UFC and even the fantasy football draft. That’s some app business baby.”

On Pro Wrestling Tees sales numbers and fans being upset that CM Punk did not show up at ALL IN: “This kinda bothered me. CM Punk had a great signing that did phenomenal business for him and for Pro Wrestling Tees, Ryan Barkin, all those great people that work there. By the way, Pro Wrestling Tees sold about a half-a-million dollars worth of t-shirts over the weekend. Half-a-million dollars worth of t-shirts at this ‘indie wrestling event’. That’s pretty damn special isn’t it?”

“Anyway, CM Punk has this successful signing. Punk did not show up at All In and I don’t even think that is the right terminology. I said that he didn’t show up like he was supposed to show up, and then didn’t. And that’s not true either. CM Punk was never advertised to be at All In. I was not disappointed watching the replay on Fite that he was not there, because I never expected him to be there.”

“I didn’t feel badly by deserting his fans by not going to All In. I just think we all need to move on, really. Let the guy be happy in whatever he wants to do. I enjoyed his work for a long time and if he wants to move on, let him move on.”

Check out the complete episode of The Ross Report podcast at Player.fm.

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