Pirelli tweaks minimum tyre pressures for Turkish GP

November 14, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Pirelli has increased the authorized minimum pressure of its tyres for the remainder of the Turkish Grand Prix weekend following a thorough analysis of Friday’s data.

Minimum pressures have been boosted by 1psi across Pirelli’s range of slicks, intermediates and wet tyres, a decision implemented in accordance with F1’s regulations which allow for Pirelli to modify tyre pressures after the first day of running at a track.

Friday’s session highlighted the massive lack of grip of Istanbul Park’s recently resurfaced tarmac, which cool temperatures only accentuated.

But Pirelli’s analysis of Friday’s data also revealed the heavy loads endured by its tyres around the challenging layout, compelling F1’s tyre supplier to increase minimum pressures.

“We decided to increase the pressures a little just because from yesterday’s telemetry we noticed quite high loads, even if the level of grip was low,” a Pirelli spokesperson told Motorsport.com.

“If over the weekend the grip will improve, which is possible, the loads will also increase.”

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Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola underscored the difficulty of generating enough heat to place the tyres in their optimal operating window.

“It’s harder to warm up the tyre because you don’t generate the heat, you don’t put the energy and therefore you’re not able to generate the grip,” Isola explained.

“For sure it’s difficult to warm up, because they are sliding a lot. It’s not just the front tyre.

“You remember that in many circuits, we say the front tyre is particularly tricky because it’s difficult to put energy on the front tyres, while in the rear, it’s easier, you can use the traction to help the tyre to warm up.

“Here it looks like they are sliding on the four tyres. So they are not able to generate the grip.”

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