Matt Hardy Discusses Differences Between WWE & AEW; WWE "Sucks The Fun Out of Things"

November 13, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

— Matt Hardy was interviewed by Chris Jericho on “Talk is Jericho” and he spent some time discussing the differences between WWE and AEW, as well as talking about the current WWE and how things are run there and why he left:

Differences between WWE and AEW:

“Such a laid back atmosphere. I knew the majority of people that were there working, I’d either worked with them in the past with WWE or Impact Wrestling. The one thing I really noticed is, ‘Hey, I’m thinking about doing this…and they’re like ‘that sounds great’…as opposed to like, ‘Well, we’ve got to ask so and so and then ask so and so, and he’s gotta ask Vince.’ As far as going through all those different levels of authority. It made it super easy. I did some promos and vignettes at the end of the night and I said, ‘This is what I’m thinking of saying, sound cool?’ They were like, ‘ Sounds cool.’ And I did it. It was very easy and it was very refreshing to not have any kind of restraints on you and just go and be creative and do your thing and do you. Nobody does themselves better than them.”

On WWE today:

“It got to the point where WWE has so many talents under contract and the reason they have these talents under contract is because they don’t want anyone else having people that can move the needle or make a difference or cut into their business at all. So they’re trying to scoop up all the talent across the globe as far as monopolizing the business. Once AEW started, it was another place that had a great TV show on TNT, star power, you’re the guy that really kicked it off and really established AEW. Once this was going on it allowed other options. To me, I could have stayed at WWE. They tried very hard to sign me, they offered me very good money. But I know my role would have been minimized. For me, more important than money is to totally utilize my creativity. These last three or four years, I want to enjoy it. I want to be driven and feel the passion I have for this. I want to be creative and want to have fun. In WWE, a lot of times they suck the fun out of things because it’s become such a business and you just become a cog in the machine. To me, it wasn’t about being a cog in the machine and making x amount of dollars. To me, it was about enjoying what I was doing and enjoying every single second I have left doing this. And AEW turned out to be the best case scenario for me.”

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