Prop 37 Redux? BigAg Dumps Millions to Defeat GMO-Labeling in Wash.

November 9, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Once again, a state is putting forth a ballot measure to label genetically modified foods, and once again, a familiar cast of characters is spending millions to defeat the measure.

The battle this time is in Washington, which has on its ballot this November I-522. As MapLight summarizes, the initiative

In the past week, Monsanto gave a $4.5 million dollar donation to the ‘No’ on 522 campaign, while DuPont gave $3.2 million.  Other big donors hoping to defeat the measure are Bayer CropScience and the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

With these latest contributions, the No campaign has raked in over over $11 million in donations, compared to just under $3.5 million raised by the ‘Yes’ campaign.