RNC raised $9 million in October

September 29, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

The Republican National Committee (RNC) raised $9.2 million in October, marking another strong month of fundraising as the party continues to rake in cash. 

The party has now raised more than $113 million through October, according to an early look at the monthly campaign filing provided to The Hill. The party sports an enormous fundraising advantage over the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which hasn’t yet filed its monthly report. The RNC closed October with $42.5 million in the bank, which means it spent about $1.5 million more in November than it brought in. But as of last month, the GOP had a more than six-fold advantage in cash-on-hand over the DNC. The party also raised $4.29 million of its donations in contributions of under $200, which brings the RNC to about $48 million in these small-dollar donations this year. That would put the party on pace to raise more in small dollars than in each of the past two election cycles.  RNC finance chairman Steve Wynn touted the party’s strong small-dollar haul in a statement to The Hill.  “This wide ranging small donor support is about one thing and one thing only,” Wynn said.  “The Republican Party stands for more jobs and keeping more of your paycheck. The jobs and the paycheck are what matter and that’s what we are about. That’s why we are getting the support and why we’re going to continue to win.” The messaging echoes the party’s line on tax reform, its current top priority. The House GOP passed its plan last week, while Senate Republicans are negotiating a plan of their own.  

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