Student/Staff Recognition Ramps Up At Central Regional School District

March 26, 2024 0 By JohnValbyNation

BERKELEY, NJ — Each month, the Central Regional Board of Education sets aside time at their meetings to honor and celebrate students and staff for their achievements. This program is getting a new boost from the district’s new superintendent, Michelle CarneyRay-Yoder.

An hour of March’s school board meeting was dedicated to recognition, and now those honored got more than just words and certificates. T-shirts were given out as well, to put “visible, tangible, walk-around-able items on our students’ backs,” said CarneyRay-Yoder. The district is also recognizing even more students than before.

CarneyRay-Yoder, who officially took over as superintendent on Jan. 1 of this year, has said from the start that she values having a strong school culture and fostering a positive environment for her “staffulty” – staff and faculty – where no one person is more important than another.

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“We’re all one family,” she said previously. “We’re all the same team.” Read more: New Superintendent Appointed In Central Regional School District

Giving out the shirts is part of a new tradition in the district, CarneyRay-Yoder said.

Find out what's happening in Berkeleywith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“All of our students that have been recognized for any reason at our board meetings will get one of these as a prize for being so wonderful,” she said.

CarneyRay-Yoder also celebrates her “staffulty” by having families and students nominate them for awards each month and the winners are selected by the district’s student leaders. One member of the staff or faculty is selected from the high school and middle school each month to be recognized.

The following students, staff and faculty were recognized at the March meeting:

Golden Eagle Award
○ Miles Chevalier
○ Katelyn Wildermuth

Seniors of the Month
○ Samantha Rua
○ Ella Hess-Sallach

Juniors of the Month
○ Austin Clappsy
○ Sydney Olmeda

Sophomores of the Month
○ Nicholas Wudzki
○ Jalyn Franco

Freshman of the Month
○ Lucas Speidel
○ Prevencia Paul

8th Graders of the Month
○ Samantha Sottilare
○ Shya Jonassaint

7th Grades of the Month
○ Zaniyah Terry
Click Here: Paris Saint-Germain FC Jersey Sale○ Max Heizler

High School Staffulty of the Month
○ Katie Garcia – High School Special Education
Presentation by: Stacey and Kaitlyn Wildermuth

Middle School Staffulty of the Month
○ Jackie Golden – Middle School English
Presentation by: Sophia Bruno

JROTC Competition Recognition

Sports Recognition – Mr. Scran
Boys’ Basketball
Miles Chevalier
Brayden Lowden
Jordan Barbot
Mason Lisewski
Jaycen Santucci
Aidan Graham
Royalty Riley
Jayson KIng
Devont King-Reilly
Madden Leszczynski
Luke Denning
Richard Schmidt
Gavin Lisewski
Tyler Woermer
Elijah Reeder

Girls’ Basketball
Emma Christensen
BethAnne Doderer
Angelina Dombroski
Angelina Forney
Vita Kelyman
Makenna Leszczysk
Gabriela Londono
Giovanna Mantegna
Brianna Nelson
Addison Nolan
Alyssa Padilla
Tori Rapolla
Morgan Schnider
Ava Schmidhauser
Mia Treney
Sianna Valverde
Alexandria Veltri
Jaelynn Witte

Boys’ Swimming
Joseph Busic
Chase Corbett
Kaden Stout
Aidan Wenzel
Drew Westhoven

Girls’ Swimming
Samantha Denlea
Grace Ostapovich
Graceanna Rizzo
Ella Westhoven

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