Casa Stellina Opens Farmingdale Pizzeria, Offering Roman Style, More

February 29, 2024 0 By JohnValbyNation

FARMINGDALE, NY — Casa Stellina has opened the pizzeria half of its Farmingdale venture, with an Italian restaurant coming this spring. Casa Stellina Pizza is at 302 Main Street — formerly the Main Street Pizza Company.

Chef and co-owner Fabrizio Facchini moved from Italy with his family and has lived in New York since 2017.

Casa Stellina offers traditional American or Neapolitan pies, as well as Roman-style pala pizzas: longer, rectangular pies with toppings such as prosciutto; potato; truffle, white honey; and more. Facchini said Casa Stellina tries to be “more authentic” than regular American pizzerias.

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“We use 100% imported Italian flour, very high quality,” Facchini told Patch. “San Marzano tomatoes, and a real mozzarella.”

It marks Facchini’s first time opening a true pizzeria. He and co-owner Tom Milana sell some pizza at their Oyster Bay restaurant, La Stellina, but Facchini said that restaurant is not famous for its pizza.

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Find out what's happening in Farmingdalewith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“The pizza is really good,” Facchini said. “But we are, if I can say famous, we are well known for our Italiano authentic cuisine in Oyster Bay. Here, we have the pizzeria, and soon, we’re going to have the restaurant next door.”

The pizzeria menu is rounded out with pastas, appetizers, schiacciata, meat and fish, and more.

Milana said he hopes to open the restaurant portion of Casa Stellina by April 1, if not sooner.

“This was a bonus for us,” Milana said. “The business came with a pizzeria. So we’re going to open a pizzeria. Two clearly different businesses. But again, the main focus on this side is pizza.”

Casa Stellina Pizza opened around two weeks ago, and Milana said he is excited to be in Farmingdale.

“I think I can say for [Facchini and I], we look forward to bringing quality, authentic Italian food to this town unlike anyone previously,” Milana said. “There are some good restaurants here, but nothing authentic. That’s what we stand for and what we’re all about, especially on the food side. When it comes to pizza, yeah, we’re going to have some American pizza here, because people want that. We want to give people what they want. When it comes to the restaurant side, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s truly authentic Italian food. In my opinion, you can’t get it anywhere on Long Island except Oyster Bay. Now you’ll be able to get it in Farmingdale.”

Milana said he hopes Farmingdale will be the right spot for Casa Stellina. He said he grew up in Huntington and has witnessed Farmingdale’s transformation over the past 10 to 20 years and is excited to see what Farmingdale brings.

The people are younger in Farmingdale compared to Oyster Bay, bringing more of a nightlife aspect to the town, Milana said.

“Oyster Bay is a quiet little town on the North Shore,” Milana said. “Farmingdale is far from quiet on the weekends. We’re excited to be in this town. We call it the new Huntington. I grew up in Huntington. Now, everyone comes to Farmingdale and not Huntington anymore.”

Facchini said the restaurant menu will be “pretty similar” to the Oyster Bay location but with some additions and possibly more fun with the bar menu.

“We’ll try to have some live music, also,” Facchini said. “Something a little bit with the vibe of Farmingdale.”

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