The Show Debut of the Von Schweikert Audio VR-55 MkII SE Loudspeaker

January 12, 2024 0 By JohnValbyNation

Scott Walker Audio united with Soulution and Von Schweikert Audio to present the show premiere of the new active Von Schweikert VR-55 MkII SE loudspeaker in fabulous McLaren Volcano Orange finish ($85,000/pair). The latest successor to the original VR-55, which was designed by the late Albert Von Schweikert and released in 2014, this 3-wayspeaker with beryllium- and ceramic-diaphragm drivers contains significant crossover improvements and technology trickled down from Von Schweikert Audio’s top Ultra model.

While the VR-55 MkII comes in a passive version ($65,000/pair), the VR-55 MkII Aktive ($75,000/pair) contains 700W class-D plate amplifiers for its bass drivers and a level control attenuator that enables you to dial in the speaker to the room and adjust for personal preferences. Its $10,000-more SE edition shown in Costa Mesa also contains a significant upgrade—the same Ultra midrange as in the top line speaker. Specified frequency range is 16Hz–40kHz, sensitivity 88dB, impedance 8 ohms, and each speaker weighs 186lb.

The VR-55 MkII SE loudspeaker got a boost from Von Schweikert Audio Shockwave V-12XS subwoofers ($16,500/each). The system’s other substantial goodies included the Soulution 511 amplifiers ($37,500/each) and 725 preamp ($65,000), Aurender N20 music server ($14,000) and MC10 Reference master clock ($15,000), Berkeley Audio Designs Reference 3 DAC ($28,000), Sonorus Audio ATR10 MkII reel-to-reel deck ($32,500), Synergistic Research SRX cabling, and Artesania rack and amp stands.

I wasn’t able to hang that long in this room, but I did hear a tape version of part of Yello’s 2009 album, Touch, that was “1.5 layers from the Master.” (Hope I got that right.) The music was fabulous, the soundstage huge, and the midrange characterized by pleasing but not excessive warmth and smoothness. Perhaps the subs were dialed up a bit too much, but the sound was still a joy. I’ve got to listen to this Yello album when I get back home.

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