SOTA debuts new Quasar Turntable

January 11, 2024 0 By JohnValbyNation

I have long found it kind of disappointing that just a handful of companies still manufacture turntables in the United States, but SOTA is a true survivor, having delivered their first turntables way back in 1979.

At AXPONA, SOTA co-owner Donna Bodinet (above) was displaying their new Quasar model (below), which moves the suspension-less Urban product series a few steps upmarket. At $2995 without arm, it employs a new three-phase AC synchronous motor controlled by the Condor PSU developed by SOTA in cooperation with Phoenix Engineering, Unusually, 78rpm speed is included in addition to 331/3 and 45.

An optional add-on tachometer called the Roadrunner is available for $595, which automatically measures and corrects the platter speed with each rotation. Armboards to accommodate various tonearms are available, or the Quasar can be supplied with a factory fitted Rega RB330 tonearm for an additional $675.

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