Interview highlights: Heyman, Reigns, Triple H discuss Wrestlemania 39: Night 2 at post-show press conference

December 5, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation


The following are highlights from WWE WrestleMania Sunday press confernce.

Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns

-Reigns was asked about his storyline and he said, “We’re in the third inning” in terms of where his story as champion is right now. Reigns went on to talk about his storyline continuing after tonight and how there’s so much more they can dive into and they are just getting started.

He talked about how there’s nobody out there that can take what he’s doing away from him in any other company or on the indies. Reigns talked about people being used to quick storytelling and mentioned social media platforms like Tik Tok contributing to that. He said what they are doing with The Bloodline story is giving people Filet Mignon.

Roman went on to say maybe there’s a little kid out there right now that can take this away from me, but he said until that happens, he will remain in the top spot.  “I’m the greatest of all time,” said Reigns and in regards to a question about what more can be do with the Bloodline storyline Reigns said, “we’ve only begun.”

-Reigns and Heyman looked at each other and laughed when asked about the report from CNBC today about a WWE merger with UFC under Endeavor going down as soon as Monday. Reigns said their focus had been on WrestleMania all day. Reigns then said, “I’m sure they’re all very happy to have me” in reference to Endeavor reportedly acquiring WWE.

Triple H

-Triple H gave a lengthy opening statement before taking questions. Triple H talked about how the little girl who was the contortionist in Bianca Belair’s entrance had lost her mom earlier in the day. Triple H got emotional talking about everyone behind the scenes coming together to help the little girl out and give her that moment with Belair during her entrance tonight. He says creating a moment for her on her worst day is why they do what they do.

-Triple H was asked about the pending sale of WWE and if he could comment on it. Triple H said, “No.” He went on to say he just wants to focus on WrestleMania tonight.

Triple H was asked about how Cody Rhodes handled being in the main event of WrestleMania for the first time. He says Cody handled his first WM main event like he’d done it a million times and as if he were any other WWE wrestler that had done it before. He said Cody came to the building with his wife and baby and he acted like today was just another day. He said cody wasn’t nervous at all and “handled it like a pro.”

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-Triple H was asked about making booking decisions. He said booking decisions consume him and he goes by feel when making final decisions. He said Cody had talked about finishing the story leading into the show, but that the story is never finished in WWE. Triple H said there is more to come in the future.

-Triple H was asked how Finn Balor is doing  after the HIAC match where he suffered a nasty cut during the course of the match. Triple H said he saw Finn backstage and he’s “great.” He said that Balor got a couple of staples in the ring and was able to finish the match because the staples stopped the bleeding. Triple H said sometimes things go awry with hard objects in reference to it not being planned for the ladder thrown by Edge to hit Balor the way that it did and bust him open.

He said medial is standing by at ringside because WWE is all about the safety of the performers. Triple H also mentioned that Balor’s paint threw them off backstage from what had happened when he got busted open because his paint camoflauged the blood.

-Triple H mentioned that the only injury suffered during the night was when Shane McMahon tore his quad at the beginning of his match with The Miz. Triple H credited Snoop Dogg with being a true pro and doing something improumptu with The Miz on the fly when he took over for Shane and beat The Miz.