Wednesday Ratings Report: AEW continues 2020 streak of outdrawing NXT, key metrics on demographics, cable ranking, difference between shows, seven day tracking update

November 20, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation


Last night, AEW Dynamite outdrew NXT on USA, extending its same-night-viewership streak of wins to ten weeks – every week of 2020. The lead expanded to 188,000, up from 148,000 last week, 104,000 the week before, and 60,000 three weeks ago. The average lead this year in live head-to-head viewership is 134,000.

AEW drew a 0.66 cable rating compared to NXT’s 0.56. NXT was down from last week’s 0.59 rating. AEW was up from last week’s 0.60 rating.

AEW finished no. 5 among all above shows in the 18-49 adult demographic that is most closely tracked by the TV and advertising industries with a 0.35 rating. NXT finished no. 20 with a 0.23 rating in that demo.

In the male 18-49 demo, AEW out drew NXT by a wide margin – 0.49 to 0.29. It was a little closer isolating just 18-34 year old men – 0.29 to 0.21.

On another note, AEW has drawn more than a million viewers every week this year when accounting for seven days of delayed viewership. Two weeks ago, the Feb. 19 episode drew 1.127 million viewers. It has topped 1.2 million four times this year.

NXT, when tracking seven days of delayed viewership, has averaged 935,000 viewers on average. They drew 963,000 two weeks ago. NXT’s numbers are blunted somewhat by the availability of a replay on WWE Network starting Thursday nights, which could cost them DVR viewers who also have cable and might have otherwise been counted through that method of viewing on delay.

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