AEW Dynamite outdraws WWE Raw among 18-34 males, doubles NXT in same demo, viewership up for both NXT and USA

November 11, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation


AEW Dynamite scored its third-straight week outdrawing NXT on USA by essentially same margin as the prior two weeks (69,000 compared to 56,000 and 66,000 the prior two weeks). NXT had outdrawn AEW the prior two weeks, its first “wins” of 2020. Both AEW and NXT drew more viewers last night than the prior week, but slightly below two-week-ago numbers.

AEW Dynamite last night drew 732,000 viewers, up from 693,000 viewers last week. NXT on USA drew 663,000 viewers, up from 637,000 viewers last week.

AEW Dynamite decisively beat NXT in key demographics. AEW doubled NXT’s male 18-34 rating (0.24 to 0.12). The big headline today is that AEW’s 18-34 male demo actually beat WWE Monday Night Raw this week (0.24 to 0.23). More younger males are watching AEW than Raw, despite AEW going head-to-head with WWE’s NXT program. The combined 18-34 male demo on Wednesday night adding NXT and AEW today is 0.36, easily outdrawing Smackdown’s 0.28 rating in that demo.

Among a broader demographic of males – 18-49, AEW drew a 0.39 rating compared to Raw’s 0.57, so the 35-49 male demo is still watching Raw by a wide margin. Among all adults 18-49, AEW drew a 0.28 rating compared to Raw’s 0.46, nearly a two-to-one margin lead by Raw over AEW. AEW is certainly connecting better with younger men than WWE’s current product, based on the numbers.

The AEW Dynamite overall rating was 0.54 compared to NXT’s 0.53, both ratings within 0.01 of the ratings the last two weeks.

In the 3-day viewership totals for last week’s episode (4/22), AEW drew to 826,000 and NXT grew to 734,000. (*AEW as usual has an advantage since NXT’s replay is available on WWE Network as of Thursday night, so many potential delayed views are taking place, untraced by TV ratings, on WWE Network.)

In the full 7-day viewership totals from two weeks ago (4/29), AEW drew 910,000. The eight-week average is 997,000. For NXT, the 7-day total from two weeks ago is 774,000. The eight-week average is 758,000. AEW and NXT viewership numbers have been more stable during the coronavirus era than Raw and Smackdown.

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