Konnan says he has found a kidney donor

November 1, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Konnan says he has found a kidney donor.

Talking to Nick Hausman of Haus of Wrestling, Konnan said that the donor needs to lose weight before the kidney is donated. After that, it needs to be determined if the kidney is compatible.

“They just have to do; there’s this BMI index, they have to lose six pounds, six more pounds. And then they can donate their kidney, and we still got to make sure they’re compatible,” Konnan said. “So, you know, I always try to think positively because thinking negatively doesn’t help anything.”

Konnan has faced kidney issues in the past, undergoing kidney transplant surgery in 2007.

“I’m feeling great, but dialysis is not something you want to be on forever because of two things: Number one, it’s your kidneys are only at 10% functionality,” he told Hausman. “That’s number one. And number two, dialysis isn’t like, oh, you can be on dialysis forever and live off of it. No, you’ll eventually die. So, basically, I have to find a donor, and I have one right now.”

Konnan currently serves as booker for AAA. He’s also made appearances on AEW television in the past, and inducted Rey Mysterio at this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Los Angeles.

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