AEW Rampage live results: Battle royale for Tag Team title shot

July 29, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

The next contenders for the AEW Tag Team titles will be decided on Friday's Rampage.

16 men representing eight teams will compete in an over the top battle royale to earn the title shot. The teams are The Butcher & The Blade, Ethan Page & Brother Zay, Big Bill & Brian Cage, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Matt Menard & Angelo Parker, Serpentico & Luther, Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh, and Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal.

The winners will face the winners of Saturday's FTR vs. MJF & Adam Cole Tag Team title match on Collision.

In a bout between former AEW Women's Champions, Hikaru Shida and Nyla Rose will renew their rivalry.

Komander replaces the injured Scorpio Sky in his match against Kip Sabian.

Former Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) will return to AEW for the first time since March as they face Hayden Backlund & Myung-Jae Lee.


Big Bill & Brian Cage won a 16-man battle royale to earn a future AEW Tag Team title shot

As you read above, this features eight teams and.a team is not fully eliminated until both men are thrown over the top rope. This is a very random assortment of teams, especially considering The Kingdom are on the card later in the show. 

And yes, this is the second straight week there's been a battle royale on Rampage for a title shot. Between these, the tournaments and major announcements, the Tony Khan Big Three is complete.

The Albany, New York, faithful were definitely into Bill, chanting his name. He's really become a cult favorite over the last month or so and his team with Cage in the Blind Eliminator tournament just felt right. 

Part of the story was Singh and how his size gave him an advantage. At one point, Jeff Hardy and Sing were having a go and Bill & Cage waited for a bit to call their shot, eliminating him with a double clothesline. I don't understand what how AEW views Singh as he barely wrestles and you would think if they see something in him, they would get him going with regular matches. Maybe I have my answer.

In the end, it came down to Bill & Cage vs. Butcher & Blade. All four men brawled with lots of power moves as you would might expect. Bill & Cage hit Blade with their running clothesline/power bomb combo, eliminating him afterward. Butcher fought back, but got hit with a clunky assisted chokeslam/clothesline combo and then tossed, giving Cage & Bill the victory.

This was not a good battle royale and at some point, you have to wonder why AEW Tag Team title contenders are only being determined by tournaments and battle royales. 

Here's the order of eliminations:

Luther by BillSerpentico by The ButcherZay by SinghSydal by MenardParker by Jeff HardyPage by SinghLethal by Singh (pushed by the Hardys)Menard by BillDaniels by Butcher & BladeMatt Hardy by SinghSingh by Bill and CageJeff Hardy by Butcher & BladeBlade by CageButcher by Bill

– The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) gave an impassioned promo explaining why they came back which was all about Ring of Honor. This is their first appearance on AEW TV since March.

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Komander (w/ Alex Abrahantes) defeated Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford)

Komander replaced Scorpio Sky who was advertised on Dynamite and then pulled about 30 minutes later. Odd. Sky wasn't referenced on this show at all so that whole announcement never happened, ok?

Will Sabian ever try to get revenge on Miro or nah?

This featured a lot less high-flying than most Komander matches which is for the best if he's going to have longevity in AEW. Sabian is a talent that works hard, but appears slotted for the lower tier of the roster due to the massive amount of talent on top.

Komander survived an Arabian press, a running shooting star press and a Ford eye rake into a Sabian slingshot suplex to stay in this. Komander hit a flying Canadian destroyer followed by his rope walk shooting star press to win this in impressive fashion. This was a really solid TV match.

– A hype video for the Jack Perry/Jerry Lynn confrontation this Wednesday aired, complete with Lynn training footage. I'm interested to see how much Lynn can go at this stage of life.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) defeated Hayden Backlund & Myung-Jae Lee

There was no Maria Kanellis-Bennett out for this match which was essentially a throwback to AEW Dark. Taven & Bennett won this in about a minute after hitting the Proton Pack, perhaps kicking off an overdue AEW run after first signing last October.

– A video package on the Dark Order aired following their Fight Without Honor at ROH Death Before Dishonor. John Silver, Alex Reynolds & Evil Uno said they showed a side of themselves that hasn't been seen for some time and it was time to rebuild. The Rampage tag team division is heating up!

Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose (w/ Marina Shafir)

This is a meeting between two former AEW Women's Champions and longtime rivals. Shida defeated Rose for her first title at 2020's Double or Nothing. Both women's post-title runs have been very up and down with long absences and seemingly not a lot of desire to have them hold the title again despite some championship shots along the way.

The Outcasts (Toni Storm, Ruby Soho and Saraya) were shown backstage watching the match in pure disgust. Sadly, the director did not cut to that women's division booking sign that inexplicably made its way to Dynamite TV last Wednesday.

Rose used her size advantage to keep the momentum in her favor until Shida got on an offensive roll after the final commercial break. The two traded offense with Shida getting a near fall off a Falcon Arrow. Rose countered a Katana attempt with a lariat but got crotched on the top rope, leading to some Shida headbutts followed by an avalanche Falcon Arrow. As she went for the pin, Shafir put Rose's boot on the bottom rope to break up the count. 

Shafir got on the ring apron and tried to weakly hit Shida with a kendo stick which Shida grabbed and then nailed Shafir with. Rose used the distraction to try and hit a Beast Bomb, but Shida escaped and hit the Katana for the pin and win. This was fine, but an average match.

The Outcasts then came out on the stage and Shida vs. Storm was then announced for the AEW Women's title on this Wednesday's Dynamite.

New matches announced for AEW Collision:

Kiera Hogan vs. Mercedes MartinezCM Punk promo (not specified if live or not)ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe vs. Gravity in an assumed non-title match

New for Dynamite:

ROH Tag Team Champions Aussie Open defend against El Hijo del Vikingo and KomanderAEW Women's Champion Toni Storm defends against Hikaru Shida