RMAF 2019: Enter Stage Left

July 4, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Where am I? I thought I was heading to Denver to cover the 16th edition of the three-day Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, but it looks as though I boarded the wrong plane and ended up in Las Vegas. An indoor pseudodesert with an empty red Santa Fe caboose and the canopy of an Asian restaurant in the background? An Asian restaurant whose menu’s first sushi roll is built around steak? A strange stone grotto that leads to … ? An even stranger, snakelike thing that turns out to be a towering outdoor/indoor water slide that terminates in a huge pool?

Welcome to the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center, a sprawling facility carved out of nothing much at all, which has become RMAF’s new home. Complete with a mountainsize helping of cognitive dissonance, the Gaylord will host somewhere between 87 and 90 exhibit rooms of various sizes, Classic Album Sundays and Entry Level rooms, a fair number of booths in the Marketplace and “Headplace” ballrooms, and a fair number of seminars. It’s a smaller RMAF than in the immediate past, but it has a goodly number of premieres and enticing exhibits—enough to keep yours truly busy over the next few days. And next year, when the show returns to its usual October time slot and no longer ends just days before the start of CEDIA, it could get bigger again. Here’s hoping.

Now is now, however, and surprises await. Please stay tuned over the next few days as our coverage unfolds.

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