WWE SmackDown live results: Jey Uso makes his choice

July 2, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Jey Uso is set to make his choice between his twin, Jimmy, and The Bloodline on tonight's WWE SmackDown from the Wells Fargo Center in Des Moines, Iowa.

Jey appeared conflicted at the end of last week's episode when Solo Sikoa gave Jimmy a Samoan Spike after Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns teased embracing Jimmy. 

A Women's Championship presentation is set to go down tonight. WWE has announced that Asuka will be presented with a new WWE Women's Championship title belt. Though she's currently the Raw Women's Champion, Asuka is a member of the SmackDown roster.

The build to Money in the Bank will pick up with four qualifying matches. In two men's MITB qualifying bouts, Santos Escobar will take on Mustafa Ali while Butch faces Baron Corbin.

The women's qualifying matches will feature Bayley vs. Michin and Shotzi vs. IYO SKY.

Our live coverage starts at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


– The show began with a video recapping the Bloodline drama from last week. Michael Cole welcomed everyone in and Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman were already standing in the ring. As soon as Heyman began to talk, the Usos' music began to play and Jey Uso made his way to the ring. 

The Bloodline Segment

Jey had a mic and told Solo that stabbing his big brother in the back isn't something he should have done. Jey said he didn't know if he could forgive Sikoa for that and told Sikoa to say what he needed to say. Heyman interjected and said Jey had it all wrong. Heyman said it's not anyone's fault but Jimmy's fault because Jimmy made up his own mind for both Jey and Jimmy. Heyman moved Sikoa behind him and said he's taking a chance standing so close to Jey. Heyman asked Jey if Jimmy asked Jey about kicking Roman Reigns at Night of Champions. 

Heyman said Jimmy has always resented Jey because Reigns wants to groom Jey to be the next Tribal Chief. Heyman said that being the next Tribal Chief is Jey's fate. Because of as much, Heyman said Jimmy resents Jey. Heyman said he's going to prove things to Jey and in order to do so, he made a match between Jey and Austin Theory for the U.S. title. Heyman also said there is no more tag team in WWE named The Usos. Heyman said after Jey wins the U.S. title, Reigns will publicly groom Jey to become the next Tribal Chief. 

Heyman gave Jey the microphone and Jey said he'd take Heyman up on the U.S. title challenge. Heyman stuck out his hand for a handshake. Jey stood there looking conflicted before saying he'd get back to Heyman on shaking his hand. Jey then left the ring. 


Santos Escobar defeated Mustafa Ali in a Money In The Bank qualifying match [9:07]

This was a very good opening match and I'd even venture to say the best since I started reviewing SmackDown for this website. It felt like Ali and Escobar wanted to prove something and they did. That hurricanrana spot was gnarly, though, and Rey noticed it right away as he checked on Santos immediately after Santos hit his head on the steps. Here's hoping Escobar is OK. All told, this was non-stop action, which isn't always promised from a WWE match. So much of this was spent on the outside with bigger moves, I had to check for the WWE graphic to make sure I was watching the correct company. Good stuff all around. 

Before the match started, LA Knight's music hit and Knight sat in on commentary. The match began with Ali and Escobar trading chops. Escobar hit a big shoulder block and the two went back and forth early. On the outside, the two traded chops and slaps. Escobar hit a hurricanrana as the two fought off the apron and took Ali to the floor, but hit his own head on the ring steps on the way down. Escobar landed a suicide dive through the ropes onto Ali, who was on the outside. Escobar then landed a cross-body on Ali on the outside before the show went to a commercial break. 

Back from the break, the two were fighting on the top rope. Ali flipped off the top onto the outside. Escobar leapt off the top, but Ali countered with a dropkick to the head. Back inside the ring, Ali went for for a 450 splash, but Escobar moved and landed a Poisonrana for a good near-fall. Escobar then hit a double knee, but Ali kicked out landed a tornado DDT for another good near-fall. Ali went to the top but Escobar cut him off and landed the Phantom Driver for the win.


After the match, the show cut to Jey Uso backstage, where he was approached by Sami Zayn, who said the time he had with him was some of the best times of his life. Zayn talked about making Jey laugh. Zayn said when the Tribal Chief takes over, bad things happen. Zayn said Reigns pushes too far and Zayn said he tried to put the Bloodline first, but it was never enough for Reigns. Zayn said Reigns made Sami not trust his own brother, which is what Reigns is doing to Jey now. Zayn said whatever happens, Jey has to understand the consequences and Jey should listen to his heart and not what's being put into his ear. Jey said nothing and walked away.


– Kayla Braxton stood in the ring and introduced Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. The women stepped into the ring with microphones. Braxton welcomed them to SmackDown, but Braxton was cut off right away by Ronda Rousey's music. Rousey and Shayna Baszler made their entrance. Baszler asked Fyre and Dawn how much they knew about the NXT women's tag titles. Baszler said she's the reason those titles were even created. Rousey chimed in and said they're going to be hungry soon and said they're going to want Dawn and Fyre in a match to unify the tag titles. The women brawled to end the segment with Dawn and Fyre getting the best of Baszler and Rousey. 

– Michael Cole threw to a video package honoring the Iron Sheik. 


Bayley defeated Michin in a Money In The Bank qualifying match [2:31]

It kind of sucks that this was ostensibly here to further the Styles/Kross story because there is a world where Bayley and Michin deserve more than two-and-a-half minutes for a match with actual stakes. Still, Bayley gave Michin a lot, so despite the short runtime, it wasn't a squash. Michin needs something. They're trying by putting her in The O.C., but she could use a nudge or two in a forward direction to help kickstart this latest WWE run. She's just better than what they're giving her. 

AJ styles sat in on commentary. The action spilled to the outside almost immediately and Bayley mocked Styles until Michin dove through the ropes to take Bayley out. Back in the ring, Michin worked over Bayley and eventually hit a DDT for a two-count. Michin kicked Bayley until Bayley went to the apron, where Bayley grabbed Michin by her hair and ran Michin into the second turnbuckle. Bayley then hit the Rose Plant for the win. 

After the match, Scarlett appeared out of nowhere and sprayed something in Styles's face. Karrion Kross appeared and worked a Kross Jacket on Styles to end the segment. 

– Bianca Belair was shown taking to Adam Pearce backstage. Pearce asked Belair to stay backstage during Asuka's championship ceremony. Pearce said Belair is in line for a rematch. Belair said because of the rematch promise, she won't get involved. 

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The Asuka Championship Celebration

Adam Pearce presented Asuka with the WWE Women's Championship. The new belt wasn't all that different from the old belt, but neither was the new Heavyweight Title. As Pearce was putting the belt on Asuka, Charlotte Flair's music hit and Charlotte walked to the ring. Charlotte received a nice respectable pop and grabbed a microphone. Pearce asked Charlotte what she was doing there. Pearce was drowned out by "Wooooo!" from the crowd. 

Pearce said Charlotte needed to get in line. Charlotte said she doesn't wait in line because she made the line. Charlotte then did the "Woooo!" thing. The crowd ate it up. Charlotte said she wants Asuka's title so she's challenging Asuka for the belt. Asuka accepted the challenge. Asuka went for the mist, but Charlotte moved and kicked Asuka in the head, sending Asuka outside the ring to end the segment. 


Jey Uso was shown backstage and Paul Heyman approached him saying how Jey acted earlier was a good cliffhanger. Heyman said he needed Jey's passport because they're all going to go to Money In The Bank together. Heyman also said Roman will be there live next week. Heyman also said if Jey sticks around, he'll receive a public acknowledgement  from Reigns that Jey's next in line to be Tribal Chief. Jey seemed excited because he said if Jey's going to be in the Bloodline, that means Heyman won't be in the Bloodline. Jey walked away and Heyman pulled out his cellphone. 


– Adam Pearce was shown backstage on the phone until Bianca Belair interrupted him. Belair gave him the old stare down, reminding him she's in line for a rematch. 

– Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes were shown as the special guests watching the next match in the first row. 

Butch defeated Baron Corbin in a Money In The Bank qualifying match [1:46]

Much like the Bayley/Michin match, I'm not so sure it does the Money In The Bank credibility any favors when these qualifying matches go three minutes or less – and not to mention, they're used more to further other stories that have nothing to do with MITB – but here we are. Good for Butch. I've been a fan of Pete Dunne for a while now and it's nice to see him get a shot to really shine on the main roster by being in such a high-profile match. Speaking of matches, this match was practically nothing and I can't say I'm invested in the Corbin/Hayes program that kicked off on NXT. To be fair, it's early.

Before the match, Corbin grabbed a microphone and taunted Hayes and Williams at ringside. The bell rang and Butch instantly attacked Corbin. Butch landed a tornado DDT for a two-count. Butch went for a moonsault, but Corbin moved and started pounding on Butch. Butch came back by doing the finger spot on Corbin. Corbin responded with a stiff hit to take Butch down. Corbin jawed at Hayes and went for a chokeslam, but Butch rolled Corbin up for the win. 

After the match, Corbin went to ringside and punched Hayes, who jumped the barrier. Hayes and Williams had to be pulled apart from Corbin. 


– Backstage, the Brutes were being interviewed, until they were interrupted by Baron Corbin … who was interrupted by Cameron Grimes, who ran Corbin down. 

Iyo Sky defeated Shotzi in a Money In The Bank qualifying match [2:33]

This all but promises that we'll see the end of Damage CTRL at Money In The Bank. But that's for then. As for now, this was what it was. I'm not sure if Shotzi – who, God love her, has at least two spots a match where I fear for her life – was supposed to hit her head on the turnbuckle as she came down to get to the finish, but here's hoping she's OK, too. Some scary spots tonight. That's rare for WWE TV. 

The match began with Sky attacking Shotzi until Shotzi fought back and suplexed Sky. Sky fought back and stomped on Shotzi's arm. Sky went to the top, but Shotzi moved and Shotzi took control, complete with a double-arm suplex and a splash into a corner. Shotzi hit a suicide dive on Sky, who was on the outside. Shotzi went to the top, but Bayley distracted Shotzi. With the referee turned away, Bayley pushed Sky off the top rope and Sky capitalized with a moonsault for the win. 

– After the match, we cut to an interview with Austin Theory, who said he's going to beat Jey Uso like he beat John Cena. Theory said if Paul Heyman is looking for a new client, Heyman should check out Austin Theory. 

– Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were talking backstage. They were cut off by Pretty Deadly, who mocked Zayn and Owens for the way they looked. They were then interrupted by The Good Brothers, The Brawling Brutes, The Street Profits and the LWO. Owens flipped out. Adam Pearce showed up and announced a gauntlet match for next week, with the winners facing Owens and Zayn for the tag titles. Also next week, The Grayson Waller Effect will host Charlotte Flair. Michin and AJ Styles will also go up against Karrion Kross and Scarlett. In two weeks, Rousey and Baszler will face off against Fyre and Dawn to unify the women's tag titles. In three weeks on SmackDown, Asuka and Charlotte will wrestle for the new WWE Women's Championship. 


Austin Theory defeated Jey Uso to retain the U.S. Championship [8:37]

You knew there would be shenanigans, but it was hard to think it'd go down like that. Or, well, who am I kidding. Of course we were never going to get a definitive answer on where Jey stands tonight. The way this Bloodline story moves, we're not getting that until Christmas. Anyway, the match was pretty fun while it lasted. We didn't see much of it due to the commercial break in the middle of the match and at the end of the day, it feels like they came up three minutes too short, but they worked well together and it was nice to see Jey shine in a solo spot. Seeing the crowd behind them as much as they were suggests that anyone who thinks Jey can't handle a significant solo run is wrong. Sadly, it doesn't look like we'll get much clarity on that for a while longer now. 

Theory began the match with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle. Uso came back by clotheslining Theory over the top rope. Uso threw Theory across the commentary table. Back in the ring (and back from a commercial break), Theory was working over Uso with a headlock inside the ring. Uso got back to his feet and the two traded blows. Uso got the best of it and went for a spear, but Theory countered and hit a rolling dropkick for a two-count. Theory slammed Uso for a two-count. Theory set up for A Town Down, but Uso fought out and landed an enziguri. Uso hit Theory and Theory hit the ref and we had ourselves a ref bump. 

Uso went to the top and hit the Uso Splash to get the crowd three-count while the ref was down. Out of nowhere, Pretty Deadly came out to attack Jey. Jimmy ran to the ring to take Pretty Deadly out. Solo Sikoa then ran to the ring and took out Jimmy. Jimmy got up and went to kick Sikoa, but instead kicked Jey. Sikoa and Jimmy brawled to the outside, the ref woke up and counted the 1-2-3. 

After the match, Jimmy tried to talk to Jey in the ring. Jimmy tried to help Jey up, but Jey pushed Jimmy away. Jimmy tried to explain that he didn't mean to kick Jey, but Jey walked out of the ring, where Heyman and Sikoa were standing. Heyman apologized for things going down the way they did. Jey looked disgusted at everyone and left. Heyman spoke to his cellphone, "Call Roman Reigns." It appeared they went short on time because the commentary team ran down the card for next week to end the show.