AEW Dynamite live results: Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong

June 30, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong in a Falls Count Anywhere match headlines this week's AEW Dynamite as the build to the Double or Nothing pay-per-view continues.

Jericho's Jericho Appreciation Society and Strong's ally Adam Cole are banned from the building during Strong vs. Jericho. 

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Hikaru Shida will team against Ruby Soho and Toni Storm of The Outcasts. This was originally a six-woman tag also involving Saraya and Jamie Hayter, but it was announced earlier today that Hayter is not cleared to compete. 

A week after turning on Kenny Omega, Don Callis will speak on Dynamite tonight. 

Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin will tag against Big Bill and Lee Moriarty. 

"Jungle Boy" Jack Perry faces Rush in singles competition. 

Ricky Starks will take on "Switchblade" Jay White in another singles bout. 

Sammy Guevara will be in action on the program. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


AEW Dynamite comes on the air with Excalibur welcoming us alongside Tony Schiavone and Taz, as the TNT Champion makes his entrance to loud Wardlow chants from the crowd.

Wardlow Confronts Christian Cage

Wardlow immediately called out Cage after his comments last week, daring Cage to spit in his face. Right on cue, Cage came to the ring with Luchasaurus as backup. After a face off, Cage said Wardlow’s time as TNT Champion is just about over and was about to spit in his face when the brawl began. The numbers were too much, as Cage hit a low blow while Luchasaurus pulled a ladder out from under the ring and chokeslammed Wardlow through it. Cage followed with a Killswitch onto the bent up ladder, making that look even more brutal, as Cage stood tall with the TNT Title over the body of Wardlow.

-Excalibur briefly recaps the actions of Don Callis last week against Kenny Omega and plugs how tonight we will hear from Callis.

AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin defeated Lee Moriarty & Big Bill

(This turned into quite the fun opener, as Allin & Cassidy showed fun chemistry together, especially after teaming together on the house show loop. I enjoyed the finish and callback from Allin and the side headlock, since that has played part of his story with MJF.)

After each title defense Cassidy has made, it seems like more of his body is being taped up, as this week not only the taped right hand, but kinesio tape on the back as well. A fast back and forth of pin attempts from Cassidy & Moriarty led to both men tagging and Bill tossing Allin around like a rag doll. Bill wanted a test of strength, so Allin slapped him in the face as he & Cassidy connected on double dives on the floor. Cassidy tried a float over in the corner, but as he landed on the apron, Bill connected with a big boot to take control into commercial break.

Cassidy seemingly kneed his way out of a suplex and tagged Allin, but Moriarty had taken the ref and the tag was called off. Both Moriarty & Bill missed corner charges, as Allin made the hot tag and ran wild by throwing his body at both opponents. Allin tried a Code Red on Moriarty, which Bill nearly countered into a chokeslam, but Allin fought free to the ropes. Fending off Moriarty, Allin leapt right into the Boss Man Slam by Bill. Allin took out the legs of Bill, which allowed Cassidy to his a Satellite DDT. Moriarty jumped in and applied the Border City Stretch, but Cassidy escaped. Moriarty was set up in the corner, as Allin & Cassidy hit a double superplex, but as they got to their feet, were clocked by a Bill clothesline. An amazing Stundog Millionaire into a Code Red on Bill, as Moriarty was planted with Beach Break and a Coffin Drop. To send a message to MJF, Allin applied a side headlock on Moriarty and got the pin that way to play off their history.

-Alex Marvez tried to interview The Young Bucks back in the parking lot, giving a quick update on Kenny Omega, saying he’s hurt but he’ll be ok, when the Blackpool Combat Club surrounded them. Nick was slammed on the hood of a truck, while Matt’s bad arm was targeted. Jon Moxley said the BCC are the only Elite group around here, as they walked off with The Bucks left lying.

-Renee Paquette is trying to get a medical update on Wardlow from doctors when Arn Anderson walked up, furious, slapping an ice pack away from Wardlow, asking what he’s prepared to do? Wardlow said he’s willing to beat Christian Cage at his own game and challenges Cage to a TNT Title Ladder Match at Double or Nothing.


-Renee Paquette is backstage with Orange Cassidy, asking him about Kyle Fletcher attacking him last week. Cassidy said whoever wants a shot at the International Title at Double or Nothing, go find Tony Khan, he’ll fight everyone.

Sammy Guevara defeated Exodus Prime

(Justin Roberts really emphasized Guevara being from Texas, as these past few weeks it’s been coming across like Guevara is a babyface, which is strange after all this time him being hated.)

Guevara hit a jumping knee and the GTH for the quick win. Guevara took the mic and talked about the old days in Texas saying everything he went through made him what he is today. Guevara talked about a few wrong turns taking him to the right place, which is Double or Nothing. Guevara listens to his heart, which tells him he’s going to be the new AEW World Champion.

-A history of the Four Pillars in AEW is shown as Excalibur goes over how MJF, Darby Allin, Jack Perry & Sammy Guevara are the present and future of AEW. This was a good, albeit quick video package showcasing the main event of Double or Nothing.

FTR Attempt To Get Their Revenge

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and introduces Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt to the ring. As they were making their entrance, Dutt showed off two guitars with FTR’s names on them. Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler ran out from the back and sent Singh off the stage through a table and attacked Jarrett, Dutt & Lethal. Wheeler got in chair shots on Jarrett, while Harwood stripped Lethal out of his suit. As FTR were about to hit a Shatter Machine on Jarrett, Karen Jarrett jumped in from behind, hit a low blow on Wheeler, as Jeff hit a Stroke on Harwood. Singh recovered, came to the ring and planted FTR with a double chokeslam. Lethal & Jeff hit simultaneous guitar shots on FTR who crumbled, while Dutt played a broken guitar, as Lethal & Jarrett held the Tag Team titles in the air.

-Renee Paquette is backstage with Darby Allin and references the headlock finish of his match earlier. Allin said it was a message to MJF when Sammy Guevara walked in and said he respects Allin. Guevara said he knows Allin doesn’t trust him, but says he won’t lay down for MJF, as all that matters at Double or Nothing is that MJF doesn’t walk away as AEW Champion. Allin said may the best man win and fist bumped Guevara.

Toni Storm & Ruby Soho (w/Saraya) defeated Dr. Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida

(The crowd was really behind Shida & Baker tonight, as this was Shida’s first match back since December on Elevation. I’m assuming they are saving the six woman tag originally scheduled for tonight for Double or Nothing, as this was yet again a case of the numbers game playing into The Outcasts favor with Jamie Hayter not there.)

Storm & Soho tried a fast start on Shida, who immediately turned the tables and suplexed both ladies onto each other in the corner. Storm was sent outside, as Shida connected with a missile dropkick on Soho. An enzugiri on Storm led to a tag to Baker, who clocked Storm with a ripcord elbow. Saraya tripped up Baker, which allowed Storm to hit a charging hip attack to the floor, as Saraya got in some more cheap shots.

Baker was isolated the entire picture in picture until she hit a charging neckbreaker into the double down. Shida & Soho made tags and slugged it out, which Shida won with right hands to everyone, even Saraya. Shida followed with a cross body to the floor on all The Outcasts. A question mark kick sent Storm to the floor, as Soho was planted with a Falcon Arrow. Shida hit a Meteora off the top on Soho, but Storm broke it up. Baker stacked Storm & Soho and hit a neckbreaker and DDT combo for a nice near fall. Soho was able to avoid Lockjaw into No Future, but as Storm made the tag, Baker connected with an Air Raid Crash. Saraya ran distraction yet again, this time allowing Storm to spray Baker in the eyes and hit Storm Zero to steal the win. Excalibur talked about Storm gaining her fourth win in five days in AEW.

-Renee Paquette is backstage yet again with Orange Cassidy, who informs Cassidy since they last talked earlier, 20 men went to Tony Khan’s office and answered the challenge. Cassidy said that’s a lot, so he makes it a 21 man Blackjack Battle Royal for the International Title at Double or Nothing. Cassidy offered Paquette a spot in the match, which she politely turned down.


-Tony Khan is backstage and talked about today being one of the greatest days in the history of AEW. It was announced at the TNT Upfronts that the 2 hour AEW Collision will premiere Saturday June 17th. Collision will be a hot ticket with the premiere location being announced next week. However, June 24th will be in Toronto, June 29th in Hamilton, July 8th in Regina, July 15th in Calgary and finally July 22nd in Newark, New Jersey at the Prudential Center.

Roderick Strong defeated Chris Jericho in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

(Well this definitely lived up to the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation, as Jericho & Strong fought all over the building and had some fun moments. It was really played off like Cole & Strong pulled one over on Jericho, outsmarting him and luring him outside the building. Credit to Excalibur, who had to deliver the unfortunate news of Superstar Billy Graham’s passing during this, I probably would’ve waited until after the match, but safe to say that wasn’t Excalibur’s call.)

Strong attacked with chops and charging forearms before Jericho could even get his jacket off, nearly mowing down referee Aubrey in the process. Jericho started up a chop battle, which wasn’t smart, as Strong hit a takedown slam. More chops by both men, as Strong was sent to the apron, as Strong avoided a springing Jericho into a slam on the apron. Back in the ring, Strong nearly got End of Heartache, but Jericho countered into the Walls of Jericho. Strong got a rope break, as both men fought into the crowd during commercial. Strong was able to slam Jericho ribs first on the railing, even getting a two count on the steps in the crowd.

Excalibur delivers the very unfortunate news of Superstar Billy Graham passing away during this match, which is a tough task to do, as Taz & Schiavone share condolences.

Strong & Jericho continue their brawl into the crowd, as Jericho slammed Strong through a table and both men fought into a stairwell fighting onto a ledge with Jericho charging and tackling Strong for two. Both spilled back into the sea of the crowd as Jericho had a chair, but Strong threw plastic cutlery and ice cream at Jericho’s face. Schiavone’s reaction to Mr. Softee was absolutely hysterical. Jericho dug into the trashcan to clean his face, which is very questionable if you ask me.

Strong is bleeding from the shoulder, as they went out of the arena where Adam Cole appeared behind Jericho right as they stepped foot out of the building. Cole lowered The Boom on Jericho while in a dirt pile, as Strong followed with a jumping knee for the victory. Excalibur talked about how this is just a measure of revenge for Cole, as this is far from over between Jericho & himself.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry defeated Rush (w/Jose the Assistant)

(This match was super hard hitting, as Rush beat the crap out of Perry for a majority of this one. There were some questionable moments however, with the random cup check and the referee just watching Jose get involved constantly. Regardless, the post match was a fun visual with three of the four pillars having a face off ahead of Double or Nothing.)

Rush wasted no time attacking Perry at the bell on the outside. Jose pulled a cable chord from under the ring, as Rush continuously slammed Perry head first against the barricade. This attack led to Perry being busted open, as Perry never even got out of the gate before they went to picture in picture. Perry tried to fight back with his comeback lariat, but Rush had it scouted. Perry fired off a chop, as Rush literally just grabbed the crotch of Perry, which Excalibur said was a cup check. I have zero clue what the heck that was, as the ref just stood there. Perry & Rush fought up on the second rope and continued their chop battle until Perry threw headbutts and a hurricanrana.

Jose grabbed the leg of Perry, again in front of the referee, as Perry ducked a charging Rush and sank in the Snare Trap. Rush managed to make it to the ropes, as both men went to the apron, where Rush wiped Perry’s face from the blood and licked it, which was just gross. Perry charged, but Rush hit an overhead belly to belly to the floor with Perry came within inches of landing on his head. Perry tried fighting back in the ring, but was starched with another forearm. Rush shoved the ref away in the corner and Perry got a school boy flash pin with a handful of trunks.

Post match Preston Vance, Jose & Rush all attacked Perry until Darby Allin hit the ring, but he found himself choked out by the cable chord Jose brought out earlier. Sammy Guevara made the save, taking out Rush on the ramp, as Allin took out Jose with a Scorpion Death Drop. Vance was wiped out by Guevara and Allin, as all three challengers for the AEW Title are left in the ring staring each other down.

-Renee Paquette approaches MJF backstage after seeing what just happened, asking him how he’s feeling ahead of the AEW Title match at Double or Nothing. MJF slapped the microphone out of her hands and walked away.


-We saw footage of Jamie Hayter being injured last month by Toni Storm, who was standing by with Renee Paquette backstage. Storm said she’s setting records in AEW with four wins in five days and says she’s an entirely different animal in AEW, challenging Jamie Hayter for a Women’s Title match at Double or Nothing.

Switchblade Jay White (w/Juice Robinson) defeated Ricky Starks via disqualification

(I was surprised this match was taking place on Dynamite instead of the PPV, but the finish certainly allows them to have a rematch on that show. This was a very good match while it lasted, as the crowd was into it from the start.)

White suckered Starks into a chase early on, driving him into the edge of the ring, but Starks fought back by sending White into the barricade. Back inside, White caught Starks with a Hot Shot and some violent chops to follow. To the floor again, Starks was able to battle back until White drove Starks face first onto the apron. There’s dueling chants from the crowd as White controlled during the break with Starks turning the tide when they returned.

Starks fired out of the corner with a lariat, Manhattan Drop, charging knee and back elbow. White charged right into a belly to belly suplex and Tornado DDT for two. It took Starks too long to follow up, as White leapt with a shoulder to the midsection and snap DDT. White draped Starks over the top rope and followed with a huge uranage for a nearfall of his own. White signaled for Blade Runner, but Starks elbowed free until White suplexed Starks over the top to the floor.

Back inside, Starks almost got a flash roll up for two, as he followed with a snap neck breaker. Starks hit a misdirect slam that nearly got three, as White floated over Roshambo. Another misdirect, as Robinson tripped up Starks long enough for White to try Blade Runner, but Starks got a roll up for two. White gouged the eyes of Starks, as the ref reprimanded him in the corner. Robinson jumped in with a chair, but Starks got control, sent Robinson to the floor, popped White in the midsection and the back, getting himself disqualified.


Don Callis Addresses His Actions

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and introduces Don Callis, who makes his way to the ring with security lined up down the stage. The footage of Callis turning on Kenny Omega last week is shown on the video screen, as the crowd is booing Callis out of the building. Schiavone asks why, as Callis said instead of why he did what he did to Omega, he wants to talk of what Omega did to him. Callis is the victim in this scenario, as he ran down everything he has done for Omega. Without Don Callis, there is no Kenny Omega, as that line brought out Omega from the back, laying out all the security guards until the Blackpool Combat Club attacked from behind including a Paradigm Shift by Moxley on the stage.

The BCC jumped in the ring and said this was The Elite’s final warning to stay down. Omega struggled to his feet as The Young Bucks limped out with weapons in hand. The numbers evened up as Hangman Adam Page walked out to a massive ovation, as Omega handed him a barbed wire broom. The brawl was on, as The Elite took turns beating up Wheeler Yuta, as The Bucks hit a BTE Trigger and Page with a Buckshot Lariat. Page stood next to The Bucks & Omega and said they are the heart of AEW, they are The Elite. Page said at Double or Nothing, it’ll be The Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Elite in Anarchy in the Arena. This was an incredible ending to Dynamite, as the crowd was on fire from even the moment Callis walked out.

AEW Rampage 5/19/23

· Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta take on Best Friends & Bandido

· We hear from The Hardys

· The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass takes on The Varsity Athletes & Ari Daivari

· Jade Cargill Open Challenge for the TBS Title

· Bishop Kaun battles Dustin Rhodes

AEW Dynamite 5/24/23

· The Lucha Bros defend the ROH Tag Team Titles against Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

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