VIDEO: Being the Elite – ‘Betrayed’

June 29, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Video —

Opening —

Click Here: New Zealand Kiwis rugby storeAfter giving an autograph seeker their "house show signatures" at an airport, the Bucks went shopping to open up this week's show. 

Ryan Nemeth attends Writer's Guild strike —

The Hollywood Hunk spoke to several writers out on the picket line this week. He asked them why they are striking and also who their favorite pro-wrestler is. Most writers said they wanted "fair wages," "protection from AI" and also that Nemeth is their favorite wrestler. Nemeth also asked several dogs at the protest who their favorite wrestler is. One dog answered MJF.

The Dark Order and Kenny Omega —

The Dark Order and Kenny Omega are shown watching videos in the back. Alex Reynolds attempted to show Omega what happened at Full Gear 2021. Matt Jackson ran in quickly, however, and destroyed the phone so Kenny wouldn't see. Matt then showed Omega inappropriate pictures of his wife in order to further distract him. 

Highlights from Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley —

Clips from the main event of Dynamite last week were shown near the end of the episode. Omega was seen trying to eat cheesecake in the back despite his physical and emotional injuries. He ended up stabbing the cake with his fork out of frustration to end the show.