Brock Lesnar challenges Cody Rhodes for WWE Night of Champions

June 28, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Brock Lesnar has issued a challenge to Cody Rhodes for a match at Night of Champions.

On Monday’s Raw, Rhodes went to pin The Miz in a triple threat match that involved Finn Balor when Lesnar pulled Rhodes out of the ring and laid him out with an F5. Balor used the opportunity to pin Miz with a coup de gras. After the match, Lesnar F5’d Rhodes through a table and told him that he wanted a fight at Night of Champions.

After the attack, Rhodes was seen being helped into the trainer’s room.

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At Backlash this past Saturday, Rhodes managed to pin Lesnar’s shoulders to the mat while Lesnar had a kimura locked in. At one point in the match, Rhodes gave Lesnar a drop toe hold, causing him to get sent head first into an exposed turnbuckle, causing him to bleed. On Raw, Lesnar sported stitches on his forehead and a black eye.