Daily Update: Steve Austin, AEW House Rules, MJF

June 27, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Daily Update

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Report: Former WWE wrestler Naomi to make Impact Wrestling debutWWE NXT ratings up big for Spring Breakin'Nia Jax says she caught the wrestling bug again at WWE Royal RumbleWill Ospreay says NJPW contract expires in February 2024Former writer suing Vince McMahon, WWE over ‘offensively racist’ scriptsDark Side of the Ring reveals full list of topics for season fourWWE’s Edge says he ‘might have another year’ left of performing at this level

Latest Audio:

Wrestling Observer Live: Braun Strowman, WWE creative team lawsuit, NXT plagued by disasterBryan & Vinny & Craig & Shawn: WWE S1:E16 Raw recap, GrannyWe're Live, Pal: What was CM Punk doing backstage at WWE Raw?

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This Week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

April 24, 2023 Observer Newsletter: CM Punk scheduled to return to AEW, big event updates

Highlights include:

*Updates on CM Punk, AEW's new television deal, issues a Saturday show has to deal with and plusses of a Saturday show

*Lots of news on WWE & AEW major shows the next few months, including All In, SummerSlam, Double or Nothing and Backlash.

*Nick Khan talks the WWE/UFC merer and what it means, upcoming negotiations, how Endeavor can help WWE grow, WWE budget cuts and more

*Full coverage of AAA TripleMania, the good, the bad, the angles and more

*Full coverage of New Japan's U.S. tour in Washington, DC and Philadelphia

*Ted DiBiase Jr. indicted on 13 counts in welfare fraud cause, and updates on it

*Full coverage of Saturday's UFC show

*The most detailed look at the TV ratings from the past week, including where wrestling ranks with sports an with entertainment programing, competition, segment by segment, comparisons with last year and more

*Continuation of the CMLL champion of champions tournament

*Mercedes Mone in Japan, negotiation updates, her comments on Japan and more

*Details of the biggest women's show in Japan in decades this weekend at the Yokohama Arena

*Ticket sale update on the show

*Cinderella tournament finals

*Champion Carnival update

*Notes on major NOAH show

*Will Ospreay talks future

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*John Morrison's boxing debut and comments form that

*Lots of notes on he death of Butch Miller

*Bill Goldberg and a retirement tour

*Abdullah the Butcher and financial issues

*NCAA looking at changes to wrestling rules and scoring and why

*Concert/wrestling joint promotions

*Major European show this weekend loaded with top international stars

*Impact major show rundown

*Lots of fallout to C.M. Punk returning to AEW

*Great lesson for AEW wen getting a big sports lead-in going forward

*Lots of injury updates

*Advanced ticket sales for WWE & AEW upcoming show

*Streaming numbers for WWE & AEW

*International TV ratings

*What milestone did Raw achieve this past week

*What milestone did AEW achieve this past week

*Lots of new UFC major fights

*What were the most in-demand sports tickets so far in 2023

*Former UFC fighter arrested in a $200,000 burglary

*More details on the new WWE Twitch deal

*WWE performer goes into another major sports competition next week and attempts to make the 2024 Olympic team

*Notes on two WWE signees that a betting site already has odds that one of them will be world champion by 2027

*Notes on all the WWE live events on the road over the past week

This Week's Retro Observer Newsletter:

March 8, 2006 Observer Newsletter: Big months ahead for pro wrestling, WWE details new substance abuse policy

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Wednesday Update


Steve Austin spoke to Bleacher Report about what WWE's plan for him would have been if he wrestled at WrestleMania 39:The concrete idea was a match. It was a match with one of the top guys in the business, period. I'll let everybody speculate about that, but yeah, it was a match and I just didn't think I could get ready for it in time because I didn't know my schedule, which is what I told them. 'I don't know what my life looks like until I finish this show [A&E's Steve Austin Takes on America].'I did the best I could to get ready on short notice for Kevin Owens [at WrestleMania 38] and I barely did anything. This would have been a real competitive match.Bleacher Report asked Austin about potentially wrestling again:I said many years ago, 'I'm done, I'm never going to wrestle again, but if the stars ever aligned…' and they did. When they approached me about working with Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38, I turned them down several times until we came up with that idea. So, we went out and did it.Could it still happen? Yeah, it could still happen. Am I lobbying for it? Am I trying to get anybody talking about it? No. If you ever ask me a question, I'm going to give you an honest answer.Austin also revealed advice that he’s given to LA Knight:I got a text message from him a while back, and I'm so bad about returning calls. My wife gets on me about it all the time, I've got a lot of heat. But I did talk to him before that one text and I told him, 'Hey man, just make sure your cardio is supreme and go do you.'That guy can talk a blue streak, he's a great worker, he's got a good look, he's got a great energy. I think he's doing great. He can ascend to a higher level, and I think he will.WWE Hall of Famer Kane turns 56 years old today.Ricochet was the guest on this week’s episode of Out of Character.WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded the following matches: Kane vs. Undertaker Buried Alive match for the World Heavyweight Championship (Bragging Rights 2010), Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus (April 26, 2010 Raw), and Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman (April 26, 2021 Raw).

AEW/Other Wrestling

AEW has announced that next month’s House Rules show in Corbin, Kentucky will feature a Tag Team title rematch with FTR defending against The Gunns. The house show is taking place on Friday, May 12.Wardlow will defend the TNT Championship against Lee Moriarty at AEW’s House Rules show in Salem, Virginia on Saturday, May 13.Fite TV’s description for this past Monday’s edition of Dark: Elevation refers to it as the “final” episode of the show. AEW has yet to confirm if that’s the case. The episode was a best-of edition of the show featuring past matches: “Don’t miss the Special and final episode of Elevation – it’s Best of Elevation airing on FITE! The episode is throwing it back to some of the best matches that have graced our Monday nights over the years!”In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Adam Cole opened up about the support he received during his concussion recovery:It is miraculous how many people reached out. It would be easier if I told you the people who didn’t.Britt was incredible. My family, my close friends within wrestling, like Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong. Austin Creed, Tyler Breeze and Claudio, were all in my corner. Christian [Cage] and Bryan Danielson. Bryan had suggestions to help the recovery process, and Christian kept telling me not to rush back and to make sure I was healthy. If I learned anything from the entire recovery process, it’s that I am very lucky to have the people in my life that I do. I’m surrounded by love and support.MJF tweeted and then deleted the following:The more wrestling fans become blood thirsty for these dangerous feats in the ring.The more the wrestlers will hurt themselves trying to curry fans favor.wrestlers,The fans don't understand that at any given point we can be paralyzed from the neck down or even die from a maneuver as simple as a body slam. By the way fans reading this, bodyslams hurt, every move hurts.They will keep moving the goal post of what they deem is 'good'.So before you do something stupid. Consider this, there tweet about your 'banger' gonna pay for your medical bills?Do the right thing. Go in that ring with the intention of winning the match and leaving the ring the same way you entered it.Lince Dorado made the Black Tiger II mask that Mercedes Mone wore at Stardom All Star Grand Queendom.NJPW’s website has an interview with Kevin Knight.Drake Wuertz has been diagnosed with a broken back and three fractured vertebrae.Impact Wrestling uploaded a Diary feature focusing on Rosemary.Rosemary tweeted about the feedback she’s received following the Diary: “I was so anxious about this dropping. That voice I mention kept saying it was a bad idea. That people would mock me & I would look like a loser. Depression SUCKS. But the feedback has been amazing. The support has been unreal. And that voice has been quiet since yesterday. Sharing your story helps take the power away from how it controls your life. We aren’t engineered to do this alone. Normalize speaking about mental illness. Normalize helping people heal through sharing and therapy. Normalize mental health.”