WWE Raw live results: Raw after WrestleMania 39

June 25, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Date: April 3, 2023
Location: Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, CA 


Show Recap —

There was a long video recap of WrestleMania 39 (where they showed actual clips instead of still photos).

Kevin Patrick welcomed us to a “historic day” in WWE.

Triple H segment

Triple H kicked off the show. He got a big reaction.

Triple H spoke about how great the weekend was and said it lived up to the hype. It was 40 years in the making, starting with one man’s vision at Madison Square Garden all the way to SoFi stadium in Los Angeles. 

Triple H thanked every superstar in the back and every performer who has ever stepped into the ring for laying their bodies on the line. He thanked the staff, crew and camera people. The set they built for WrestleMania took his breath away.

He especially wanted to thank the WWE Universe for giving them the opportunity to entertain day in and day out.

He mentioned that WWE was dominating the news and talk on social media. He mentioned that there was news but didn’t say what it was but did say, “we ain’t going anywhere.” He said they will continue to put on shows like WrestleMania and pack stadium after stadium. “We are the WWE – then, now, forever, together.” The fans cheered.

Triple H wanted them to “acknowledge” one more person. The fans immediately started booing as he introduced WWE Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns. Triple H shook the hands of Reigns, Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa on the way out.

Roman Reigns/Cody Rhodes segment

Reigns held up his title belts as fireworks went off. The crowd loudly booed after the music stopped. There were definitely “Roman” chants but they were mostly drowned out. Reigns proudly took a lap around the ring as the crowd chanted “Roman sucks.”

Reigns told Hollywood to acknowledge him. There was a mixed reaction.

Cody Rhodes entered. The crowd chanted his name. Rhodes started with, “I know what I want to talk about.” Rhodes said today turned out differently than he thought it would and differently than a lot of people thought it would. Rhodes thought he would be standing there as the Universal Champion. Rhodes said that Reigns was the better competitor last week.

Rhodes essentially said that he wished Sikoa wasn’t a factor because he had Reigns beat last night. The crowd cheered. Rhodes had one word in mind. The crowd chanted “rematch” and Rhodes indeed said rematch.

Heyman took the mic. Heyman wondered when Rhodes would hypothetically want this theoretical rematch. Rhodes immediately said, “tonight” and the crowd cheered. Reigns looked displeased. Heyman said, “no rematch.” Heyman was clear, no rematch anywhere, ever — not in Puerto Rico, not at SummerSlam, not at the Royal Rumble — nowhere. Heyman said Reigns called the shots.

Rhodes said he didn’t come this far in his career to have things end the way they did last night. Rhodes saw that Reigns didn’t want to do the rematch tonight so he suggested a tag match against Reigns and Sikoa since he essentially fought them both last night. Rhodes just wanted to fight.

Heyman spoke with Reigns and said he accepted his tag challenge under a few conditions. If someone in the locker room was stupid enough to team with him it had to be someone who wrestled this weekend at WrestleMania. The other condition was that whoever agreed to it would never be allowed to wrestle Reigns for the title.

Rhodes appeared upset, thinking no one would accept.

Brock Lesnar entered. Reigns was not happy. The announcers explained that Lesnar was already barred from getting another title shot against Reigns. Lesnar aggressively shook hands with Rhodes and the crowd cheered and chanted “you f**ked up” at the heels.

So Rhodes and Lesnar vs. Reigns and Sikoa is tonight’s main event.

(The first hour is commercial free but they took 30 seconds here to air some pictures from the weekend.)


Omos (w/MVP) defeated Elias (1:41)

Omos won with the tree slam. The crowd didn’t seem thrilled that this match was happening. 


Jimmy and Jey Uso knocked on Reigns’ locker room door and Heyman answered. He seemed happy to see them and called them the greatest tag team of all time. They wanted to see Reigns but Heyman said that he stepped out.

Heyman suggested they had to the jet early and enjoy some seafood and Reigns would join them after they wipe the floor with Rhodes and Lesnar. After the Usos left, Heyman went back in the room and could be heard saying, “I took care of it, Tribal Chief.”

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They aired Hall of Fame clips and showed headlines from various news outlets boasting about WrestleMania.

Cathy Kelley interviewed Bad Bunny ringside. Bad Bunny said hello to L.A. and told Kelley that he was happy to be hosting Backlash in Puerto Rico. He was enjoying Raw as a fan tonight and was happy to be there. “See you in Puerto Rico.”

Rey Mysterio entered and embraced Bad Bunny.

Rey Mysterio segment 

Rey said it’s been an emotional week and mentioned being inducted into the Hall of Fame. The crowd loudly chanted “you deserve it” and he said he was there because of them. Rey wanted to thank the WWE Universe for welcoming him with open arms. Rey also thanked Bad Bunny.

Austin Theory interrupted. Theory said he and Rey deserved respect because they were the only ones who did what they said they would do. Rey beat the product of his own bad parenting while Theory beat the legend, John Cena. The crowd chanted “you tapped out.” Theory said the fans tapped out because they didn’t believe in him just like Dominik didn’t believe in Rey.

Theory mentioned Cena’s warning that the crowd would be all over him but he wasn’t fazed because he was on top of the world.

Theory said he would beat Rey too and add him to the collection. Rey said the only thing Theory would be collecting were his teeth after he gets hit with the 619.

A referee ran down and a match began.


United States Champion Austin Theory defeated Rey Mysterio in a non-title match (9:22)

(Normally when Raw is commercial-free for the first hour, they take their first break after 9:00 pm after the top-of-the-hour segment. But they took a break here at 8:55 pm, less than a minute into the match.)


Theory was in control until Rey hit a spike DDT, seated senton and springboard crossbody for two. Theory responded with a spinning rake bomb for two. Rey dropped him on the middle rope and set up for the 619 but Theory levelled him with a clothesline for two. Theory went for a rolling dropkick but Rey blocked it and dropped him on the middle rope again.

Dominik ran down as Rey went for a 619 so Rey knocked him off the apron. This was not a DQ and Rey continued with a 619 attempt but Theory caught him and hit A-Town Down for the pinfall win.

— Dom hammered away at Rey after the match before turning his attention to Bad Bunny. Dom and Bad Bunny got into an argument and I believe Bad Bunny said he did the right thing at Mania. Dom tried a sucker punch but Bad Bunny blocked it and he dropped Dom with a right hand.

Damian Priest yanked Bad Bunny over the barricade and told him he shouldn’t have gotten involved. Bad Bunny decked Dom again so Priest clotheslined him.

Priest chokeslammed Bad Bunny through the announce table and officials quickly checked on him.

Dom put the boots to Rey before leaving with Priest.

Rey and officials checked on Bad Bunny. Corey Graves was trying to get this over big on commentary and he apologized to fans of Bad Bunny.

After a break, Adam Pearce freaked out on Priest backstage. Priest told Pearce that Bad Bunny was his friend and if he wasn’t, he’d really have something to be upset about.


Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn segment 

They got a loud reaction and “you deserve it” chants right away. Kevin Owens said, “You know what? We do deserve it, but all you guys deserve it too!” The fans sang “Olé.”

Sami Zayn said it’s been a crazy year, going from wrestling Johnny Knoxville to winning in the main event of WrestleMania. Zayn didn’t want to be corny but he had to tell the fans that this wouldn’t have happened without them.

Zayn knew that L.A. loved to celebrate but Owens hoped that they had the same kind of celebration in mind. Owens thought they should celebrate with a fight. Zayn seemed fine with that. Owens wondered who wanted to make a name for themselves tonight.

The Street Profits entered. Montez Ford toasted them on becoming tag team champions. Angelo Dawkins said they also won at WrestleMania and issued a challenge for tonight. Ford emphasized the challenge they said they want the smoke. 


Jabari Banks, Olly Sholotan, and Jordan L. Jones of “Bel-Air” were shown at ringside.

Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn defeated The Street Profits in a non-title match (12:54)

They wrestled for four minutes before going to break. Zayn made a hot tag following the break and hit Ford with a tornado DDT and a flip dive on both Profits. Zayn followed with a sunset flip powerbomb off the top for two.

Dawkins got in and they gave Zayn a big double-team blockbuster but Owens broke up the cover. Zayn gave Ford an exploder into the turnbuckles and Owens followed with a cannonball and senton bomb but Dawkins broke up the cover.

Ford wiped out Owens and Zayn with a flip dive but Owens dodged a frog splash. Owens gave him a frog splash and Zayn followed with a Helluva Kick for the pinfall win.


Seth Rollins segment 

Cathy Kelley interviewed Seth Rollins backstage. Rollins was on cloud nine after sending Logan Paul and KSI back into the wasteland that was social media. Rollins didn’t want to party backstage and instead wanted to do it in the ring. He told them to play his music and he went to the break.

They went to break, and when they returned, Rollins was in the ring and the crowd was singing his song.

This went on forever and I guess it’s all Rollins wanted because he soaked it in for a while and just walked to the back without saying anything else.


Bobby Lashley admitted to Cathy Kelley that he was frustrated. Bronson Reed approached him and said more words than he had since coming back put together. Reed was being very arrogant and went on about how he could be Lashley’s pupil and said that, eventually, the student always beat the teacher. Lashley suggested they have a match but Reed said he couldn’t tonight.

Mustafa Ali showed up and was being annoying so Lashley suggested they fight. Ali didn’t like that idea but Lashley dragged him to the ring as Ali said, “I was just trying to help.” A ref ran down and they made it official.

Bobby Lashley defeated Mustafa Ali (0:37)

Lashley won quickly by submission with the Hurt Lock.



In the back, Reigns asked Heyman if his cousins were gone. Heyman said yes. (Heyman also told him this an hour ago.) Reigns asked Heyman if he knew Lesnar would be here tonight. Heyman was unaware and said this is normally the time of year that Lesnar takes off for six to nine months.

Reigns was frustrated that this was happening to him but said he would smash Lesnar just like he had before and he would smash Rhodes like he did last night. After he was done, he would tag in Sikoa and we would find out if he was ready.

Bianca Belair/Rhea Ripley segment

Belair entered to a good reaction and she put over Asuka for pushing her to be the best.

Rhea Ripley interrupted. Ripley said Belair was the luckiest person in WWE because after winning the Royal Rumble, Ripley decided to challenge Charlotte Flair instead of her. Ripley told Belair that they would do this one day and Ripley would beat her just like she beat Charlotte. The crowd chanted “Mami.”

Belair said she made her decision for a reason. Belair was happy to get in the ring with her and “one day, when you’re ready, we’ll really see which one of us is the best of the best.” Ripley smiled and left the ring.

Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez entered for their upcoming match and Rodriguez had a face-off with Ripley on her way to the ring.


Rhodes was shown walking through the back. Graves said Lesnar hasn’t had a tag match since 2004.

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez defeated Dakota Kai & IYO SKY (7:02)

No Bayley.

They went to break early on and Rodriguez made a hot tag when they returned. The crowd was distracted by something else happening in the arena. (Denise Salcedo on Twitter mentioned an incident involving a beach ball.)

Rodriguez fought off both members of Damage CTRL and tackled Kai into SKY which sent SKY off the apron. Rodriguez gave Kai a Tejana bomb and Morgan followed with Oblivion for the pinfall win. 

With the win, Morgan and Rodriguez will face Becky Lynch and Lita for the tag titles next week on Raw.


The Miz segment/Matt Riddle return

The Miz entered and complained about all of the annoying things that happened to him at WrestleMania — except when he beat Shane McMahon so badly he couldn’t finish the match. The crowd laughed at that. Miz also said Snoop Dogg did the worst People’s Elbow of all time (even though that’s the move that beat him).

Miz was sick of surprises. Matt Riddle entered.

The crowd chanted “bro” and Riddle asked the crowd if they missed him. Miz decked him but Riddle kicked him, hit a knee strike, and hit Bro Derek.


Graves announced that Bad Bunny was taken to a “local medical facility” and he may have suffered a separated shoulder. Graves again apologized to Bad Bunny’s fans.

Byron Saxton interviewed Becky Lynch, Lita, and Trish Stratus. Stratus and Lita were in a great mood. Lynch was happy to be done with those fools in Damage CTRL and her new goal was to elevate the tag titles. Beating Morgan and Rodriguez would be a great start. (As they left, Saxton wanted a fist bump from Trish but she turned him down.)

Next week on Raw in Seattle:

Lynch & Lita vs. Morgan & Rodriguez for the tag titles Riddle vs. Miz


10:41 pm – Reigns and Sikoa enter
10:44 pm – Commercial break
10:47 pm – Rhodes enters
10:49 pm – Lesnar enters
10:50 pm – In-ring wrestler introductions

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Cody Rhodes & Brock Lesnar

The match didn’t happen.

As the ring announcer finished announcing Rhodes’ name, Lesnar grabbed Rhodes and gave him an F5.

Reigns looked surprised and he left with Sikoa and Heyman.

Lesnar F5’d Rhodes again as the crowd booed. Lesnar hit a high-angle German suplex, drove Rhodes into the barricade, suplexed him into the timekeeper’s area, and smashed his back with a steel chair.

Lesnar hit Rhodes in the face with the steel steps and put him through the announce table with an F5. Lesnar placed the steel steps in the ring and gave Rhodes another F5 onto the steps.

Officials ran out but they were too afraid to do anything. They checked on Rhodes as Lesnar began leaving but Lesnar chased them off and hit Rhodes repeatedly in the back with a steel chair. Lesnar choked Rhodes with the edge of the chair and yelled something that was bleeped.

Lesnar left and officials checked on Rhodes.

They brought out a stretcher and the crowd buzzed as Lesnar reappeared on the stage. He held up his middle fingers and the camera focused on Rhodes as they went off the air.