Brock Lesnar on WWE future: ‘I don’t know how long I’m gonna be around’

June 25, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

In a new interview with ESPN's Daniel Cormier, Brock Lesnar spoke on his WWE future, stating "I don't know how long I'm gonna be around."

In a video posted to ESPN MMA's YouTube channel, Lesnar spoke with Cormier about his career, retiring from WWE in 2020, and his WrestleMania 39 bout against Omos. 

With regard to his WWE future, Lesnar expressed uncertainty: 

I don't know. I don't know how much more… I don't know how long I'm gonna be around. 

Lesnar also revealed that he considered himself retired from WWE following WrestleMania 36 in 2020:

In 2020, I retired and was gonna be just done. I had my 20 years, COVID hit, my ocntract was up. I had my first match in Hamel, Minnesota in an empty garage. Here I was 20 years later, fighting Drew McIntyre in front of no people for the WWE Championship. I was like, "You know what? It's came full circle," and I was truly done.

It did come full circle for me, but I didn't really want it to end that way.

Lesnar says that a call from Vince McMahon brought him back in 2021:

I grew my beard out, grew my hair out. And then my birthday came around and the phone rang, and it was Vince. He was like 'What are you doing?" And I was like, "I'm just chilling.""

We didn't even have a gameplan. He was at SummerSlam, I said let's do this. I flew down, if we can hash a deal out, I'd love to see you. So I flew down to Vegas, and we're off to the races.

I was like, "I don't want to cut my beard or cut my hair." And he's like, "I love it." So here we are.

Lesnar continued: 

This company's been good to me. It's been a fun ride.

Every time that I think I want to be done, I get to the ring, and I get to the building, and that's the part of the business that I really love.

I left the business early because I just didn't like the travel. I'm just a simple man, and it was just too much for me at the time.

On his WrestleMania 39 with Omos, Lesnar said that the match was proposed to him, and he saw it as a challenge and an opportunity to give back to wrestling. Lesnar defeated Omos in the opening match of WrestleMania Sunday: 

I liked this matchup when it was proposed to me, because I just like the David and Goliath. Some people look at me like the Goliath, and just the sheer size difference in this human being. I approach this like it's one of them things where it's me giving back to the business now.

Giving back and wanting to intrigue these young men that want to become and do what I've done over the years. The roles have reversed a bit, and I'm enjoying it.

I'm excited for the match tonight. It's a challenge. It's a challenging match. This guy is big, he moves well, and I don't know if I can even get him over my head.

It was just something that was proposed and I don't make the calls around here.

Lesnar also praised Paul Heyman for his role in his career, and his contributions to WWE, especially over the last year: 

Without Paul, this business wouldn't be what it is today, especially in the last year. Paul, behind the scenes, wears a lot of hats for this company. He's greatly respected and greatly appreciated. 

As for a potential future title reign, Lesnar was non-committal: 

Of course it does, we all want to be a champion. But at this point in my career, I don't know that I really need it. I would like another opportunity at it if things worked out that way, yeah. 

The full interview can be seen below.

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