AEW Dynamite live results: Tony Khan’s ‘very important announcement’

April 9, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

AEW owner, GM, CEO, president, and head of creative Tony Khan has promised "a very important announcement" on tonight's Dynamite. 

Khan's last Dynamite announcement saw the All-Atlantic Championship changed to the International Championship. His announcement prior to that was the debut of the AEW All Access show. 

Four title matches are also set for Dynamite. 

World Trios Champions House of Black are set to defend their titles against Orange Cassidy & Best Friends. 

In a titles vs. AEW careers match, The Gunns put their AEW Tag Team titles on the line against FTR. 

Women's World Champion Jamie Hayter will defend her title against Riho. 

FTW Champion Hook defends against Ethan Page. 

Ricky Starks is set to take on Juice Robinson in a grudge match. 

Sammy Guevara will face Komander. 

AEW World Champion MJF will celebrate MJF Day on the show. 

Blackpool Combat Club will speak after attacking The Elite last week. 

The Acclaimed will also have a response for the Jericho Appreciation Society. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


AEW Dynamite comes on the air with Excalibur welcoming us alongside Tony Schiavone and Taz, as they throw it right to the entrance for our opening grudge match.

Ricky Starks vs. Juice Robinson was a No Contest

(They wasted absolutely no time having Switchblade Jay White appear, as I think it’s pretty darn safe to say he is All Elite. Starks is going to need some back up if he plans on having any chance against White & Robinson.)

Juice Robinson was already in the ring, but right as Starks made his entrance, the music for Switchblade Jay White hit to a huge reaction. White hit the ring to help Robinson put a beating on Starks. White hugged Robinson and connected with the Blade Runner as both men stood tall over Starks and made their way to the back.

-Tony Schiavone is backstage with Chris Jericho, who talked about Adam Cole’s match and post match celebration last week. It went on and on, as Cole punked out Daniel Garcia and he had to put a stop to the disrespect. Keith Lee stepped into frame and talked about Jericho’s disrespect he’s shown to many in AEW. Lee issued a challenge to Jericho next week in Milwaukee to teach him a thing or two about respect. Jericho just slowly backed away before giving an answer.

The House of Black made their entrance, as they will be defending their AEW Trios Titles after the break against Orange Cassidy & Best Friends.


House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews w/Julia Hart) defeated Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) & AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy to defend the AEW Trios Titles

(This was a hell of a sprint the second half of this match, as it was an action packed opening contest since our original opener never happened. With this being on Long Island, it’s only fitting that Trent’s mother Sue have a cameo.)

A mini-van drove in backstage, as Trent’s mother Sue was behind the wheel to a loud crowd reaction. Beretta & Black had an early back and forth with a series of reversals until Beretta hit a standing meteora. Taylor & King made the tag, as Taylor was able to avoid a charging senton which allowed Cassidy & Matthews to enter. A lighting fast series of switches led to Matthews blocking the tilt a whirl DDT into a corner lawn dart. The match broke down as everyone spilled outside with King mowing down Taylor, while Cassidy tried a hands in the pocket fall off the top, only to be caught by Black & Matthews and slammed face first on the apron. Beretta suffered the same fate, as he was caught and slammed down as well.

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House of Black controlled the entire commercial, as Cassidy hit a top rope cross body on Black. King was sent through the ropes onto his partners, while Cassidy was launched to the floor onto everyone. Back inside, a double choke slam powerbomb got a two count on Black as we saw Rush, Dralistico & Preston Vance sitting ringside watching the match. A huge series of big time moves in succession from both teams until Black & Cassidy had a standoff after missing their Orange Punch and roundhouse kick. Cassidy tried his little kicks, but Black dropped him. Cassidy responded with a Stundog Millionaire, as we see Anna Jay watching backstage, keeping an eye on Julia Hart.

Beretta connected with a perfect piledriver on Matthews & Black, but when it came to King, couldn’t get him up initially. It took a Taylor pump knee and Cassidy Orange Punch as Beretta hit the piledriver on King for a close near fall. Taylor & Matthews both countered each other’s Sole Food and Murphy’s Law until Matthews connected with a Curb Stomp to get the victory.

-Excalibur throws it to a video of Christian Cage, who we haven’t seen since Revolution, as he was standing in a hall with a red light, as Luchasaurus emerged as they both looked at the camera, not saying a word.

Jamie Hayter (w/Dr. Britt Baker) defeated Riho to defend the AEW Women’s Title

(I really enjoyed this match, as both ladies were throwing some serious shots. Perhaps the thing I liked the most was no interference from The Outcasts. This allowed Hayter & Riho to have a fun battle.)

Hayter tried her finisher immediately, but Riho was a step too quick, as she got a series of near falls in response. Hayter used her power for a few shoulder tackles, but again, Riho used her speed to send Hayter to the floor, where she connected with a dive off the top. Hayter battled back in the ring with a gut buster to gain control. Both ladies battled to the apron where a slugfest ensued until Hayter hit a Uranage on the edge of the ring.

Right after commercial break, Riho fired back with a head scissors, Tiger Feint Kick and cross body off the top for two. Hayter avoided the Northern Lights, but not the snap German and Dragon suplexes by Riho. A top rope double stomp missed, as Hayter hit a Ushigoroshi and Swing Low, Sweet Lariat for two. Hayter connected with a superplex, held on, wanted a brainbuster, but Riho countered into a nasty DDT in a great sequence. Forearms were thrown by both, as Hayter won that battle, as both went up to the second rope again. Riho hit a springboard hurricanrana out of the corner and charging double knees, but Hayter got a foot on the rope.

Riho desperately wanted another Dragon suplex, but Hayter rolled through into Hayter-ade, which Riho avoided at first, but not the second. Riho kicked out of the first one, but Hayter clobbered her with a second Hayter-ade to defend the title.

-Renee Paquette is backstage with The Outcasts, who mockingly congratulate Hayter for defending her title. Ruby Soho said for her not to get comfortable, as one of the Outcasts will become the AEW Women’s Champion, as Paquette asked who it would be, but Saraya wouldn’t let her stir the pot.

-Angelo Parker, Jake Hager and Matt Menard, who absolutely raided David Puddy’s wardrobe, are at the ramp and talk about The Acclaimed joining the J.A.S. The Acclaimed made their entrance with Max Caster’s rap running down Chris Jericho, George Santos and even a Cocaine Bear reference. Parker said he got them an 8 man tag this week on Rampage and was about to say Scissor Me Daddy Magic, when Daddy Ass cut them off to do it the proper way.


-A video is shown of MJF being awarded a key to the city of Oyster Bay. MJF said this is one of the proudest days of his life.


An introduction by Justin Roberts for a swing band on stage, as MJF walked out in a white tuxedo to a huge ovation. MJF broke out singing Pennies from Heaven in what just needs to be seen to be believed. This whole band performance and MJF's vocals would make both Lawrence Welk and Dean Martin proud, I'm sure. MJF danced down to the ring to bring the song home. Roberts introduced Joseph Saladino, the Supervisor of the town of Oyster Bay, who presented MJF with a much bigger key to Long Island. Saladino got booed mercilessly by the crowd, which got Taz to crack up on commentary.

MJF said he deserves this, while losers like Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara and most of all, Jungle Boy. The most Jungle Boy will have is a girlfriend with a wandering eye and tiny package. MJF is going to tell the fans his story and got them to chant A.D.D. as he talked about a teacher he had growing up, Mrs. Benedict, who would laugh at MJF for not knowing answers in school. MJF said he always thought about wrestling, even as a child and the joke was on Mrs. Benedict, who he called a stupid b*tch, which also got a chant. MJF gave a motivational speech to the Long Island kids out there, but only them, as he doesn’t talk to poors. MJF capped it off with his tag line, took his title and walked back up the ramp for an encore performance.

Someone smashed symbols right behind MJF’s ears and was revealed to be Jungle Boy, as the brawl was on. MJF did get cheered whenever he was on offense and Jungle Boy booed, as they were separated by agents and security. Sammy Guevara made his entrance between both men, picking up the AEW Title, holding it up at both MJF & Jungle Boy before making his way to the ring for his match.

Sammy Guevara defeated Komander

(This was a fun little match for Guevara to stack another win, as Komander, whose offense is spectacular, tried way too many rope walks in this. Guevara’s post match promo came off as babyface, but was booed since he was trash talking MJF to the Long Island crowd, which in turn, he ran down. They’ve been doing a good job building Guevara as a potential contender.)

Guevara blindsided Kommander and connected with a huge springboard moonsault to the floor, so high Guevara was out of frame. Guevara flew off the top back inside, but ate a superkick in mid air. Komander did his rope walk into a Shooting Star Press for a near fall, as Guevara rolled outside. Komander tried his rope walk all across the ring into a dive outside, but Guevara had is scouted with a jump knee that took us into picture in picture.

Guevara kept Komander grounded as we saw Jungle Boy watching on backstage with security right behind him. Komander fought back with a springboard Poison rana, before walking the ropes with a huge dive on the outside. Back inside, Komander tried another Shooting Star Press, but Guevara moved, so Komander hit a springboard Phoenix Splash for two. Komander tried the rope walk Shooting Star a third time and Guevara got his knees up. Guevara missed the GTH, as he was placed in the ropes until Komander tried another rope walk, this time Guevara hitting a Cutter half way through. The GTH connected and Guevara got the win, as Darby Allin was shown watching in the rafters.

Tony Schiavone entered the ring to interview Guevara post match, who questioned what the heck that was before his match, American Idol? Guevara said he had MJF beat when they wrestled, but Shawn Spears and a chair beat him, not MJF. Guevara said MJF’s pillar was built by others and he’s almost jealous of it. Guevara said MJF sold his soul to be a pillar, something he would never do. Guevara said he isn’t going to stop until he’s AEW World Champion.



HOOK defeated Ethan Page (w/Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy) to defend the FTW Title

(Commentary was acting shocked by Hardy’s actions, which, if anyone has been paying attention, this isn’t shocking at all. Page finally got what was coming to him.)

Page tired a cheap shot, but was dropped with a T-Bone suplex before rolling outside. Page took the fight to HOOK on the floor and posted him before doing the Matt Hardy pose back in the ring. Page tried a Twist of Fate, but HOOK countered into one of his own. Isiah Kassidy ran distraction long enough for Hardy to have a tug of war with the FTW title with Page. Hardy ripped the title away, clocked Page, who fell back into REDRUM to give HOOK the submission. Hardy & Kassidy gave a fist bump to HOOK on the ramp as they went to the back.

-Excalibur throws it backstage to AEW’s newest broadcaster Nigel McGuinness, who is backstage with Tony Khan. Khan said before AEW was founded, four pioneers, The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes & Kenny Omega who put on a show called All In, the biggest independent wrestling show of all time. Five years later, AEW will make their debut in London, England on Sunday August, 27th for All In. Khan brought in Adam Cole, who announced Wembley Stadium is where this will be taking place.


The Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta w/Bryan Danielson) demolished their competition

(The post match was the bigger story, as I’m baffled how literally no security, referees, agents, wrestlers came to Hangman Page’s aid. This really made Danielson and company more ruthless, even more so than before.)

This destruction happened so quick and fast that Excalibur didn’t even get a chance to announce the BCC’s opponent’s names. Moxley & Castagnoli hit a spike piledriver on the floor on one guy, while Yuta locked in a single crab, Moxley with the sleeper and Castagnoli launched a poor guy to the floor. Yuta hit anvil elbows and a nasty cross face for the easy win.

Post match, Danielson grabbed a microphone saying he was home with his family, who he loved. He also loves all of the Blackpool Combat Club, who are professional wrestlers. Danielson asks if the guys just beaten up are professionals, but look more like amateurs hired by the EVPs. Danielson calls themselves the only professionals here tonight as Hangman Adam Page power walked to the ring. Page showed no fear and was immediately beaten down by Moxley, Castagnoli & Yuta, while Danielson repeatedly called him an amateur.

The BCC are professionals, as Page doesn’t have anyone who loves him as much as he does the BCC. Danielson pulled a screwdriver from his jacket and said the house of AEW needs to be fixed up from all these amateurs. Danielson slowly drove the screwdriver into I believe the eye of Page, who screamed in pain, as Danielson continued to call themselves professionals and everyone else amateurs.


FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) defeated The Gunns (Austin & Colten) to win the AEW Tag Team Titles

(FTR luckily remain in AEW and are champs once again. This was ok, but felt clunky at times, which I think was because they were rushing the end. The Gunns were hell bent on getting DQ’d by any means necessary and when their plan didn’t work, the wheels fell off for the now former Tag Champions.)

The Gunns had new music and fancier overall entrance presentation. This is FTR’s first match since Wrestle Kingdom, as Wheeler & Austin took turns slapping each other to start. Wheeler connected on a charging spear in the ropes and chops as FTR made fast tags. Colten tried to regroup outside, as Wheeler got a baseball slide, but was caught up with Austin to allow The Gunns to take control and isolate Wheeler during break.

Harwood made the hot tag right when we returned, firing off punches in bunches. A really nice short arm lariat sent Colten outside, as Austin ducked one of his own, but Harwood got a close small package. A double DDT to Colten in the ropes connected, while a blind tag by FTR was made, as they planted Austin with a spike piledriver for two. Both teams tried their Shatter Machine, 3:10 to Yuma, as it was FTR who hit Shatter Machine, but Colten pulled the ref out of the ring. Colten demanded referee Paul Turner disqualify them, but he refused, as a DQ would end FTR’s AEW careers. Colten & Harwood collided on the apron, as Austin hit the Fame-Asser for two.

Austin tried a Pedigree, but Harwood spun out into multiple pin attempts. Austin hit a low blow right in front of the ref, but Wheeler pleaded not to disqualify The Gunns. 3:10 to Yuma hit on Wheeler, as Austin set up Harwood in the corner. The ref saw one title thrown in the ring, but not the second one, as Harwood was clocked with the title, but kicked out at two. Harwood spat in both Gunns face, as Wheeler came flying off the top with a sunset flip, while Harwood simultaneously got a roll up and both Gunns were pinned to give FTR the titles as streamers fell. The show ended with Mark Briscoe running to the ring to celebrate with FTR.

AEW Rampage 4/7/23

· Julia Hart takes on Anna Jay A.S.

· HOOK defends his FTW Title once more against Ethan Page

· The Acclaimed, Matt Menard & Angelo Parker in 8 Man Tag Action

· Swerve Strickland makes an announcement

· Darby Allin takes on Lee Moriarty

AEW Battle of the Belts 4/7/23

· Orange Cassidy defends the AEW International Title against Dralistico

· Jade Cargill takes on Billie Starkz for the TBS Title

· The Lucha Bros defend the ROH Tag Titles against QT Marshall & Powerhouse Hobbs