What Are 'Earthquake Lights' And Why Did They Appear In Delhi Skies? Video Shocks Internet

April 3, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

A Twitter user claimed to have spotted mysterious flashes of light in the skies in the moments after the earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi, which are known as Earthquake Lights (EQL).

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What happened?

Ashutosh Pathak shared a video online which showed flashes of light of different colours in the skies. However, the video is yet to be verified if it was after the Tuesday night earthquake or earlier. In the video shared by the Twitter user, the sky can be seen changing its colours – from red to purple. “EQL seen in Delhi during #earthquake,” read the caption. Take a look:

This happened when an earthquake with a 7.7 magnitude hit 90 km from Kalafgan. The tremors were also felt in other parts of northern India. According to reports, the affected countries include Turkmenistan, India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

What are ‘Earthquake Lights’?

For those who don’t know, as per the United States Geological Survey, ‘Earthquake Lights’ may be observed in the form of glow in the sky or the balls of light right after an earthquake. It can also be in the form of sheet lighting or streamers as if the sky is changing colours.

However, scientists don’t fully understand the cause of this phenomenon.

It is relatively rare when luminosity is observed in the sky in and nearby areas under seismic activity. It can even occur during volcanic eruptions. 

Why were they seen over Delhi skies?

Even though there is no specific reasoning behind ‘Earthquake Lights’, many theories exist. According to Nat Geo, Freund and colleagues claimed that the lights are caused by electric charges activated in some particular rocks during seismic activity.

While it has been observed on many occasions throughout history, ancient and modern times, there is no broad consensus on what causes the phenomenon. Since 2016, it has been captured in videos on multiple occasions.


Many on Twitter were seen enquiring about the phenomenon, and some even posted similar videos to corroborate their claims of spotting ‘ELs’. Take a look.

The video by Ashutosh, since posted, has garnered over 356K views.   

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