WWE Hall Of Famer Says Cody Rhodes Is The Current Biggest Draw For WWE

April 1, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Mark Henry gives his thoughts on Cody Rhodes and his rise to the top of the WWE card.


The Hall of Famer and current AEW star spoke about The American Nightmare during the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, where he called him the biggest draw the company has, even over Roman Reigns. The World’s Strongest Man later explained why WWE management loves Rhodes so much. Highlights can be found below.

Says Rhodes is the biggest draw on Raw, even over Roman Reigns:

That’s saying a lot when you got Roman Reigns, you know, on the ballot. I mean, there’s a load of talent that we’re seeing that this guy is taking precedence over, and that means something. Like, he moves the needle, and he’s everything now that is kind of looked at in the office as somebody that can carry the load.

What makes Rhodes so likable:

He’s the suit-wearing, professionally polished personified thing that Vince [McMahon] loves so much. As well as, why would you bring in somebody with the aura of Cody Rhodes, where he came from in that company [AEW], and not push that guy to the moon? If you don’t, it’s a bad investment.

Rhodes recently spoke about his desire to defend the world championship all the time if/when he wins it at WrestleMania. You can read about that here.

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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