Human Sacrifice: Chopped Body Parts Of Victims Collected In 61 Bags, Accused Deny Cannibalism

March 30, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

The postmortem of the bodies of the two women who were killed in Kerala’s Elanthoor village in a human sacrifice ritual has been completed.

The police had exhumed the bodies of the two victims from the property of the accused couple on October 11.

A total of 61 chopped body parts were recovered from two pits, including 56 from one of them.


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The autopsy of 36 pieces was completed on Wednesday.

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Chopped bodies made it complicated

According to the police, the postmortem has been complicated as the bodies have started decomposing and it is difficult to put together the parts that have been chopped into pieces.

Police said that the two women were brought to the house of Bhagaval Singh and his wife Laila by the main accused Muhammad Shafi.


Victims lured with money

The two women, who were lottery sellers in Ernakulam were lured by Shafi promising them money.

The first victim, Rosly, who was killed in June was offered a huge amount to act in a pornographic film.

At the couple’s home, Rosly was tied up and was beheaded by Laila, while her husband Singh chopped off the breasts and limbs of the victim.

The second victim, Padma was lured by Shafi promising Rs 15,000 for sex work. She was strangled and stabbed to death by the accused.

Her body was chopped into 56 pieces by the accused, who later buried them near their house.


Accused reject charges of cannibalism 

On Wednesday the Police had expressed doubts that the accused may have also been involved in cannibalism but added that there was no evidence to prove it.

On Thursday Singh and his wife who have been remanded to judicial custody for 14 days, rejected the allegation while speaking to the media, as they were being produced in the court.

The police remand report of the accused mentions the shocking “human sacrifices” were suspected to have been committed as part of a ritual to obtain financial benefits.


Main accused is a history-sheeter

According to the police, Shafi who befriended Singh through a fake ID on Facebook is the mastermind in the case.

Kochi Police Commissioner C.H. Nagaraju said Shafi is a history sheeter and is involved in a dozen cases registered against him in the past 15 years.

“Shafi has studied only up to Class 6 and did all menial jobs right from a driver to a mechanic to the one who runs a hotel. A rape case has been registered against him in the past when he raped a 75-year-old woman and also used a knife to make wounds in the private parts. We have found out that the same places were injured in the two women who were murdered apparently as a human sacrifice,” Nagaraju said.

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