Bryan Alvarez & Tom Lawlor lose Tag Team title match at BLP Observe This, Brother

March 28, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Saturday did not end well for Bryan Alvarez & Tom Lawlor.

The two, collectively known as the Chop 'n' Roll Express, faced champions Bang Bros. (Davey Bang and August Matthews) at Black Label Pro’s Observe This, Brother event in Crown Point, Indiana. Alvarez initially scored the win for his team with a swanton bomb. However, he was informed the match was not for the Tag Team titles. Upset, Alvarez stormed to the back to find the commissioner, who he had failed to see was already in the ring.

The commissioner said that Alvarez and Lawlor had done a good job, and would get a title match right then and now. However the Bang Bros. manager, Trevor Outlaw, struck Lawlor with one of the Tag Team titles allowing the Bang Bros. to score the quick victory. Alvarez came back to the ring after the second match, upset. He said he quit before returning to the back.

Alvarez last wrestled at GCW/BLP’s 4 Cups Stuffed event back on September 9, where he and Billie Starks lost to Killer Kelly and Lawlor.

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