Gujarat Government's Diwali Gift! No Penalty On Traffic Rule Violations Between Oct 21-27

March 27, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

In a rather bizarre move by a state administration, the Gujarat government has announced that those caught for violating traffic rules will not be penalised.

According to Gujarat Home Minister, Harsh Sanghavi, citizens violating traffic rules in Gujarat between October 21 and October 27 will not be penalised in view of the Diwali festival.  


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Doesn’t mean public should not follow traffic rules

“Starting today, 21st October, until 27th October Gujarat Traffic Police will not charge any fine from citizens. If any citizen is caught without a helmet or license or any other violation of traffic rules, then the police would advise them during this period. This does not mean the public should not follow traffic rules, but if you make mistake, you will not be paying a fine for it,” he said.

Sanghavi added that the Gujarat Police will persuade violators not to break the rules by giving flowers.

Announcement criticised 

The unusual announcement, however, drew criticism from many.


Rashtriya Lok Dal chief Jayant Singh Chaudhary said that the move would endanger the lives of motorists.

“What rubbish is this!” Chaudhary said in a tweet. “Endangering lives of motorists for votes!! Is this why EC delayed polls so such ridiculous #revdi could be scattered?”

Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani also linked the announcement with the upcoming elections in the state.“Elections can make you do many things!,” he said in a Tweet.

Road accidents in Gujarat

According to NCRB data, in 2021, a total of 15,200 road traffic accidents were recorded in Gujarat, resulting in the deaths of 7,457 people, with a mortality rate of 49%, the highest the state has seen in a decade.

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Data showed that the state police classified 369 accidents as caused by inadequate road infrastructure. Half of these accidents proved fatal.

Gujarat Assembly elections, 2022

Gujarat Assembly elections are expected to be held by the end of this year.

On Monday, the Gujarat government announced that two LPG cylinders will be given free of cost a year to beneficiaries of the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana.


There are 38 lakh beneficiaries under the scheme, and the decision will save Rs 650 crore for poor families.

In addition to this, the government has also announced plans to cut the VAT duty on piped natural gas (PNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) by 10 per cent. There are 24.21 lakh PNG consumers in the state and 855 CNG stations.

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