EgglestonWorks Oso Loudspeakers Meet Doshi Evolution Monoblocks

March 27, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

A happy 35,000-foot-high encounter with Jim Thompson and John Callery of EgglestonWorks led to the unveiling of the new Oso loudspeaker ($12,895/pair). Mated with the belated show premiere of the same Doshi Evolution monoblocks ($44,000/pair, below) that graced the cover of our May 2021 issue, as well as an Innuos Statement music server and J. Sikora turntable ($21,000 without arms—see Michael Fremer’s review in the forthcoming July issue), the speakers produced lovely sound.

Time was growing short on my last day at Munich High End. (Due to other pending deadlines, I left a day early. Besides, with COVID on the rise, I didn’t want to push my luck.) In a brief exchange, I learned that the Oso is a completely new 3-way loudspeaker with a 10″ side-firing woofer. “The point is to keep the box small and narrow while using a large slot to maintain bass impact,” Thompson told me. Oso sits at the top of EgglestonWorks’ entry-level Artisan line.

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