Snake Bites Tamil Nadu Man's Tongue While Performing A Ritual On The Advice Of Astrologer

March 20, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

A man who sought an astrologer’s advice after he dreamt of being bitten by a snake has been left with an almost chopped-off tongue.

The incident happened in Gobichettipalayam in Tamil Nadu.

A man, identified as 54-year-old Raja, frequently had nightmares of being bitten by a snake.

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Nightmare turns real

To end these nightmares, he approached an astrologer who advised Raja to perform some rituals at a nearby temple.

At the temple, he was asked to stick his tongue out thrice in front of a Russell’s Viper and mimicked the snake’s tongue-flickering motion.

But as Raja did this, the snake bit him on the tongue and the temple priest saw him and made a cut on his tongue to ‘rescue’ him.

Raja who was ‘saved’ from the poisonous snake, however, collapsed immediately due to profuse bleeding.


Doctors save his life and tongue 

He was rushed to Manian Medical Centre in Erode in serious condition, where the doctors managed to save his life.

According to doctors, his severed tongue was successfully re-attached and after the swelling subsided he was able to speak normally.

He was discharged from the hospital after a week of treatment and observation.

Tantrik kills couple during sex

Earlier this week, a tantrik was arrested in Rajasthan’s Udaipur for killing a couple after police found their naked bodies in the forested area of Kelabavadi.

According to the police, the tantrik made the two victims, identified as Rahul Meena and Sonu Kunwar, have sex in front of him. 

While they were indulging in the physical act, he poured the quick-drying super glue on their bodies and later killed them by thrashing them with stones and stabbing them with a knife.

The bodies were found without clothes in a forest in Udaipur near Gogunda police station area. 


According to the police, both Rahul and Sonu were married to separate people. Their families used to visit the tantric at the Ichchapoorna Sheshnaag Bhavji Mandir in Bhadwi Gurha and it is here that the two met.

Soon, the two got into a relationship and after it became a problem for both families the tantrik intervened to find a solution.

On November 15 the tantrik took Rahul and Sonu to a forested area and then forced the two to have sex in front of him. 

However, when both were having sex, the tantrik poured glue on their body and killed them by stabbing and thrashing with stones.

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