Plans For Upgrades To Greenwich Apartment Complex Submitted To P&Z

March 17, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

GREENWICH, CT — A multi-building, multi-family residential apartment complex in Greenwich could be getting some upgrades and renovations, according to plans submitted to the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Greenwich Place, which is located off Western Junior Highway at 31 Putnam Green, sits on 22 acres with 36 multi-family and garage buildings containing approximately 266 dwelling units.

Christopher Bristol, attorney for the applicant/owner of the complex, said in documents filed with the town that the existing clubhouse and pool facilities are dated and too small given the number of residents. A pre-application review for the project is being requested.

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“The renovated clubhouse and pool facilities will be updated to be more enjoyable to Greenwich Place residents,” Bristol said. “The clubhouse is an amenity that is intended to benefit the unit owners.”

The clubhouse would be renovated and expanded to contain about 4,400 square feet of floor area.

Find out what's happening in Greenwichwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Uses would remain the same as they are today, Bristol said. There is a gym, changing room and lavatories, elevator, general purpose community room, leasing office and office support spaces.

The lower level would open up to the proposed pool change, Bristol said.

The pools would be relocated and expanded, and the pool terrace would be reconfigured and expanded with a new playground and additional recreation spaces, Bristol said.

“More importantly, the project will better meet ADA standards by providing an access ramp to the pool terrace,” Bristol added.

Because the proposed clubhouse will exceed 600 square feet of floor area, a special permit is being requested.

A special permit will also be required due to the overall building volume on the property exceeding 150,000 cubic feet, Bristol said.

The proposal has yet to be scheduled to go before the Greenwich Planning & Zoning Commission.

The pre-application process allows for a non-binding discussion with the commission about the pros and cons of a proposal before a substantial investment is made in developing plans, reports and studies.

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