Mother Of Two Children 'Marries' Sister-In-Law In Bihar's Samastipur After 10 Years Of Marriage

March 10, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

A unique case from Bihar is under probe by the cops.


Interestingly, a mother of two children moved in with her husband’s younger sister and lodged a case with the local police, alleging that her in-laws had ‘kidnapped’ her life partner. 

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Woman has two children from marriage of 10 years

The investigation was initiated when 32-year-old Shukla Devi claimed that she married her husband’s sister Soni Devi, 18, after forsaking her marriage with Pramod Das, a resident of Rosera block in Samastipur district.

Shukla and Pramod had tied the knot 10 years ago and had two children. But the intriguing twist came into their lives only six months back. 

‘Where there is love, we will stay’  

Pramod’s wife married her sister-in-law and started living as husband and wife, thereby openly contesting existing traditional norms. 

“We entered into marriage since we loved each other,” Shukla told reporters. 

Upon being inquired by the media why she married a girl when she was already married to her husband, Shukla retorted, “Pati hua to kya hua…Jahan prem rahega, wahin na rahenge (What happened if he is my husband? Where there is love, we will stay).” 

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She added, “we are very happy after marriage”. 

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“I believe it is the heart which is the home of love. We both love from the bottom of our hearts. There is no entertainment from the heart but true love. Soni is very nice,” she further said. 

Woman’s husband has no objection

Moreover, her husband, Pramod Das, has no objection to this arrangement. He says that he is happy if his wife is happy. He added that his wife fell in love with his sister, after which she started living with her. 

Sources from the family revealed that the woman Shukla Devi not only assumed the male identity by taking Suraj Kumar as her name but also started donning male clothes to give her partner the semblance of a “husband”. 

Shukla also wanted to undergo a gender change surgery but backed out in panic after watching some videos about the procedure. 

How matter came to light

However, enraged over the view that the news is casting a bad light on the family, her in-laws reached the spot and forcibly took away Soni Devi with them. 

This made Shukla angry, who then registered a case with the police, thereby making the matter public. 

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“We are aware of the news and have asked a lady inspector to probe the case. Based on the report, we will act on the matter,” Rosera police station inspector Krishna Prasad told TOI on Tuesday. 

The inspector said that the matter looks very controversial and that only a formal investigation would unearth the truth.

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