'Legend Rider': Man Leaves Internet Stunned By Performing Dangerous Stunts In Well Of Death

March 10, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

Many extreme sports are performed across India, from Jallikattu to bull riding. But, one such sport from yesteryears, ‘Maut Ka Kuan’ or well of death or motordrome, still has its loyal admirers. 

In this extreme sport, motorcyclists and bikers ride along the vertical wooden walls, performing death-defying stunts. The centrifugal force and friction hold the bike and the rider in place, but it often results in accidents.


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‘Maut Ka Kuan’ or ‘Well Of Death’

A video of a stuntman performing the dangerous feat has grabbed the eyeballs of social media users, making them shiver in fright. The now-viral video was dropped on Instagram on February 4. “Legend rider,” read the caption.

Stuntmen perform in ‘Maut Ka Kuan’ at fairs across the country, often for little money. They drive cars and motorcycles at high speed in circular motions inside the well that looks like a giant wooden water tanker from the outside.

The well is 5-m tall and has a floor above it on which people can stand and look at the stunt performers, seemingly going against the laws of physics.

Clip viral on Instagram 

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The visual clip opens with an Indian man on his motorbike, gearing up to ride along the vertical walls of the Wall of Death. A few cars can also be seen on the ground inside the premises. Soon, he picks up speed and starts circling the circumference of the arena as the spectators watch him perform the feat.

While riding, the man lifts his legs and lets go of his hands from the handlebars as the motorbike revolves on its own. Without an ounce of fear in his heart, the rider waves at the camera — while the motor vehicle moves around the Wall of Death at full speed, unattended.

Internet users were left stunned at the risky video. They marked their presence in the comments with multiple reactions. “Superb bhai,” lauded one user. “Bro wow,” quipped another. A few others seemed concerned about the man’s safety. One anxious user advised, “Be careful” and another opined, “Don’t do this.”

The clip has now been viewed over 10 million times and has garnered thousands of comments and likes.

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