CBSE Officially Bans Use Of ChatGPT During Board Exams, Warns Class 12 And 10 Students

March 10, 2023 0 By JohnValbyNation

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has announced that the use of AI-powered ChatGPT during the ongoing board exams is strictly prohibited and if students are caught using the platform, they will have to bear the consequences.

The viral chatbot lets students and other users get answers to complex queries in seconds. The AI-powered ChatGPT is also capable of solving math problems.


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Among the list of items banned inside exam centre

The CBSE board exams for Class 12 and 10 students began earlier today. When students received their board exam admit cards this year, this was a surprising addition to the list of items prohibited inside the examination centre. CBSE has listed ChatGPT among mobile and other electronic items forbidden inside the examination centre.

“Mobile, ChatGPT & Other Electronic Items are not allowed inside the examination centre,” the admit card reads. The rise in popularity of ChatGPT over the past few months has raised concerns about its use in education and by students for clearing examinations.


CBSE warned students 

The central education board warns students against the use of unfair means to pass exams. The exam admission card also has a cautionary instruction that reads, “You should not indulge in any unfair practice. If found, you will be booked under Unfair Means (UFM) Activity and action will be taken as per the rules of the board.”

“Do not believe in fake videos and messages uploaded on social media. Do not spread rumours too. You could be booked under unfair means rules,” it added.

More and more institutions are using it now

Recently, ChatGPT cleared the US Medical examination and cleared Wharton’s MBA exam before that.
The public interest in ChatGPT is at an all-time high, meaning that more people are using or planning to use it in their daily lives.


While it raises questions on ethics and morality, people have found ways to use it for tasks like improving their online dating and LinkedIn profiles.
With ChatGPT being integrated into Microsoft’s Bing Search engine, Google also jumped on the AI chatbot bandwagon by unveiling its Bard AI chatbot.

Meanwhile, the Indian government is also working on a WhatsApp chatbot that ChatGPT backs.

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