7/16/19 SmackDown Results

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SmackDown Results July 16
SmackDown kicks of with highlights from Kevin Owens rant against Shane McMahon last week. We see earlier today Kevin Owens arriving and Shane McMahon with security. Kevin says he works for WWE not him, Shane McMahon says you work for WWE which is owned by McMahon family and you have the night off and are not part of the town hall forum and you must leave the arena. Kevin Owens leaves.
We go to the arena Shane McMahon is in the ring and we see the SmackDown roster on the stage. We see highlights of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre Vs Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre from Extreme Rules.
Gregg Hamilton does the introduction of Shane McMahon. Shane says Kevin Owens is no longer here (crowd chant You Suck) and has the night off. He gave me a idea to hold the SmackDown Town Hall event. They need to be respectful and I will listen. Roman Reigns steps forward and says no one respects you. As far as diplomacy you can kiss my ass. Roman Reigns leaves. Shane says I will fine you and deal with you later. Charlotte says that was uncalled for and thank you from one family to another and gracious to the me since I was born. Liv Morgan steps up and says you are a phoney and is there anything real about you. Charlotte says were you nobody till mentioned it. Shane asks Buddy Murphy and he says I don’t need him to fight my battles and keep name out of my mouth or I will slap it out.  Shane likes that idea. Shane calls out Apollo Crews and says we all agreed with what Kevin Owens said, Zelina says you are trying to kiss ass of WWE Universe and prove it in the ring tonight. Elias says I am not Kevin Owens but Elias and I am a great SmackDown Aquisition and then Big E disagrees. Kofi Kingston says I don’t like Kevin Owens but he makes a point and it took me so long to earn an opportunity and then Shane cuts of his microphone and says this concludes. Roster leaves and Cesaro says I am here as a wildcard and want Aleister Black to pick a fight with me. Shane makes the match between Aleister Black Vs Cesaro for tonight. Then we see Kevin Owens appear and drops Shane McMahon with a stunner and then leaves through the crowd. Still to come Daniel Bryan makes an announcement, Kabuki Warriors Challenge The Iiconics for Womens Tag Team Championship.
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WWE Extreme Rules Rematch
Singles Match
Aleister Black Vs Cesaro
Black with punches to Cesaro, Knee to gut of Cesaro by Black, Cesaro goes outside and then Aleister goes for dive but stops and sits in the ring.
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When we return Cesaro has a chin lock on Black, Black escapes and takes down Cesaro, punches and kicks to Cesaro, sweep kick and sliding knee. middle rope moonsault for a two count. Cesaro regains control and hooks a cross face but Black reverses it into a pin, Cesaro sent into the ring post. Black Mass by Aleister Black for the win.
Winner via Pinfall Aleister Black
We see Dolph Ziggler with Shane McMahon and he says the match against Kevin Owens needs to happen tonight and in the main event. Shane says if you can get him back here then the match is on
We see Charlotte Flair walking backstage.
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Commentators talk about what Daniel Bryan announcement could be. We see a WWE.com Exclusive where Daniel Bryan says he failed with the tag division and must go where he hasn’t gone before.
Womens Division Singles Match
Charlotte Flair Vs Liv Morgan
Charlotte shoves down Liv and Liv regains control and drop kicks Flair, Flair with a back elbow and chop to Morgan, Flair hangs Morgan in the ropes, Flair with chops to Morgan, Morgan with a step up kick. Stomp to back of Flair for a two count. Morgan caught and dropped with a powerbomb and Flair hooks Figure 4 into Figure 8 and Morgan taps.
Winner via Submission Charlotte Flair
After the match Liv Morgan grabs Corey headset and says she will be back better.
We see Dolph Ziggler with referee Drake Wuertz asking him for Kevin Owens number.
We see Ember Moon walking backstage and heading to the ring for a tag team match with a mystery partner against Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.
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Womens Division Tag Team Match
Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose Vs Ember Moon and SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley
Match starts and Rose/Deville attack Bayley and double team Bayley – Rose with a knee to Bayley for a two count. Bayley with a side suplex and in comes Ember of the tag and kicks to Mandy Rose, Moon with kicks to Rose, Rose nailed with Eclipse at the same time Bayley with a Belly 2 Belly on Sonya Deville for the win.
Winners via Pinfall Ember Moon and SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley
Kayla Braxton interviews both and Bayley says she wants to face someone she has never faced and gives someone a chance and she says someone like (crowd chant Ember) Kayla says what you think and Ember says hell yes.
We see Shinsuke Nakamura backstage and Ali appears and says Good luck.
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The New Day come out and Kofi says now we have no more difficulties with the mic. Xavier say you may aswell call Kofi Kingston Simon Phoenix as he destroyed Samoa Joe last night. Kofi says you became WWE World Tag Team Champions. Big E says we know what his announcement and have to listen we accept your offer for a Tag Team Championship rematch right now. Daniel Bryan and Rowan come out and they leave, then they come back out and then leave again, they come back out and crowd chant New Day Rock, Daniel Bryan drops the microphone and leaves. Samoa Joe says Daniel Bryan isn’t interested in championship opportunities. I am different and how about you defend WWE Championship tonight. Music of Elias hits and says you had opportunity at Extreme Rules and lost, it is now my opportunity to take that title from Elias. Music of Randy Orton hits and he comes out and says been a while since I had gold round my waist and will do it with the three most important letters in WWE R.K.O. Elias suggests a 6 Man Tag Team Match, New Day accept. Randy Orton says I am good and leaves. Kofi says The Viper has gone limp. Randy Orton heads back to the ring.
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6 Man Tag Team Match:
WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions: The New Day – Big E and Kofi Kingston VsSamoa Joe, Randy Orton and Elias 
Elias and Kingston start match. Kofi takes down Elias for a two. Joe tagged in, Joe with punches to Kingston. Joe missed a knee and a kick to Joe by Kingston, Woods tagged in and a elbow drop from the top rope. Big E tagged in and a running splash, Joe with headbutt to Big E, Elias tagged and a abdominal stretch and punches to the gut. Wheelbarrow Splash on Elias by Woods for a 2 count.  Woods with a clothesline for a two count.  Behind referees back hair pull by Orton, Elias with punches to Woods. Elbow to Woods by Elias for a two.  Elias sends Woods to the outside.
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When we return Elias in control of Woods. Joe takes Big E off the apron and Elias sends Woods to the top rope and goes for a super plex but Woods escapes. Orton and Kingston tagged in and Kofi takes down Orton and nails a boom drop. Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise blocked into RKO blocked. Big E drops Elias with a belly 2 belly. Low bridge sends Joe to the outside and Woods dives onto Samoa Joe. Joe drops Woods Face first on the mat, running knee to BigE. Trouble in Paradise to Elias and then Orton drops Randy Orton with a RKO for the win.
Winners via Pinfall Samoa Joe, Randy Orton and Elias
Womens Division Tag Team Championship Match
Challengers: The Kabuki Warriors – Asuka and Kairi Sane w/Paige Vs Champions: The Iiconics – Peyton Royce and Billy Kay

Match starts with Kay and Sane, Sane in control, Asuka tagged in and control wheel kick, missed her back pump, then Billie Kay tagged. Asuka with a kick to Billie Kay, Billie Kay sent outside, and Billie Kay doesn’t go back in.
Winners via Countout The Kabuki Warriors – Asuka and Kairi Sane However still WWE Womens Tag Team Champions: The Iiconics – Peyton Royce and Billy Kay
After the match Asuka and Kairi Sane attack them and nail their finishers.
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Singles Match
Andrade w/Zelina Vega Vs Apollo Crews
Before the bell starts Andrade attacks Apollo Crews. Bell rings and match underway, Andrade takes down Apollo Crews, back elbow to Crews. Andrade nails his running double knees and Andrade goes for a pin but Apollo Crews reverses it and rolls up Andrade for the win.
Winner via Pinfall Apollo Crews
Singles Match
Kevin Owens Vs Dolph Ziggler

Owens goes for a Stunner, Ziggler escapes and then a diving bomb by Owens to the outside. Back in the ring Ziggler in control. Ziggler in control with a sleeper on Owens, Ziggler with a DDT on Owens for a two count. Owens goes for a superkick and nailed it and nails a senton of the top rope for a two count. Shane McMahon comes out with multiple superstars and they surround the ring and Shane distracts Owens and a Zig Zag for a two count. Ziggler slaps Owens and Ziggler regains control and punches to Owens. Owens sent shoulder first into the corner post.  Owens drops Ziggler with a stunner and then goes for the pin but Shane McMahon pulls him out and then Kevin Owens stuns Shane McMahon and runs away and then superstars chase after Kevin Owens.
No Contest
Kayla Braxton interviews Shane McMahon and Shane McMahon says Kevin Owens will pay.
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