Shane Douglas says Dave Lagana should be blamed for the Cornette Controversy

August 11, 2022 0 By JohnValbyNation

Shane Douglas, a former NWA Champion who famously threw down the NWA title belt in 1994 and proclaimed himself the first ECW champion instead, has weighed in on the NWA controversy concerning Jim Cornette.
Cornette resigned from the NWA for the NWA’s reaction to his controversial joke about fried chicken and Ethiopia on last week’s NWA Powerrr. The episode, taped more than 6 weeks prior, aired without a clip to the audio. After complaints, some of which clearly fake outrage, the NWA pulled the episode and cut the audio and re-uploaded it without it. They then apologized for all offenses before communicating with Cornette about it which resulted in Cornette resigning saying, “It is starting to not be fun anymore.”
Douglas takes the view that the episode was taped and if the comment was over the line, which he feels it was, the company could have clipped it before it aired to protect themselves and Cornette and had a private word with him about the remark not making air. He says Dave Lagana should take the blame for this for not clipping the audio before it aired as it was in the can for several weels, 6 to 7 weeks to be exact.Click Here: CONVERSE CLASSIC CHUCK SHOES