Hogan Answers “Marks” Who Ask Why He Has Had So Many Back Surgeries

July 24, 2022 0 By JohnValbyNation

Hulk Hogan took to Twitter to take a shot at “marks” for asking why he needs so many back surgeries because he was never a high flyer. The picture he shared is of the late King Kong Bundy.
Online fans often are critical of the 80’s WWF/WWE which Hulk Hogan was king of because they felt the ring work was less difficult than that of the NWA. What online fans fail to remember is the WWF was a traveling brand and while their matches, not always but typically, were shorter than the 60 minute broadways of the NWA, the WWF would also do multiple shows a week, sometimes several in a day, and always play to a sold out crowd. Lets call that wrestling’s inconvenient truth.

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