Ethan Page On If He’s Signed an Impact Contract, Wanting to Work for WWE, His Attitude & More

October 9, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Photo Credit: Paste Magazine

“All Ego” Ethan Page recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, and below are some interview highlights:

On his attitude towards wrestling:

“Wrestling owes me nothing, so I do not take any opportunity for granted,” said Page. “Even in that tough spot, I was grateful to have worked in front of a great crowd for CZW. And, 20 hours later, I finally made it home just in time for my wife’s baby shower.”

On his Impact Wrestling status:

“I haven’t signed any contract with Impact, so we’ll wait and see, but it was such a friendly, accepting workplace when it came to sharing ideas and collaborating,” said Page. “My episode airs November 30, and I play a complete character. There is not an ounce of Ethan Page in what I am doing in my character at Impact. Things with Impact went well, but for those wondering, I am still the hottest free agent in wrestling.”

On ultimately work for WWE:

“The reach they have is incredible,” said Page. “Their superstars have the opportunity to captivate the largest audience in professional wrestling and actually affect the audience in a positive way. That’s my goal: affect people’s lives in a positive ways.”

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