The Toxic Ronda Rousey Fan Comments

September 17, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Ronda Rousey made her television debut on WWE’s Monday Night Raw last night. She made her first appearance in the WWE last month at the Royal Rumble where she awkwardly pointed at the Wrestlemania sign, but that is neither here, nor there. Rousey who is arguably the greatest female fighter in MMA/UFC history, made the jump after taking her second knockout loss inside the Octagon. It felt like her career may be coming to a close and so she decided to pursue her childhood dream of being a professional wrestler.

This morning I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a photo Ronda posted of her debut last night alongside Kurt Angle with a comment to hype up her current storyline. I did something I usually avoid doing… I clicked on the comment section and my god I was greeted by an overwhelming amount of hate. I’m not talking just the usual “you suck” you see from time to time, I’m talking about insinuating suicide and names formulated from various foul words that I didn’t even know went together and it just made me feel terrible for this woman who is living out her childhood dream. I was sparked to say something, but a comment section wasn’t enough room for me to rebuttal these ridiculous, vile people you forget are on here hiding behind a computer screen. Granted you could say the same about me hiding behind a computer screen, but I’ve never told someone to actively take their own life.

Let’s address the comments regarding WWE being fake – also note the second guy’s profile picture is of the confederate flag. No shit! Everyone knows wrestling is scripted, it is a form of entertainment. No one, not even Ronda is telling you what she is doing is real. However! Some of the greatest athletes in the world are in wrestling. It takes dedication and hard work to perform inside a wrestling ring. You’re not breaking any news by posting something everyone has known since the mid ’80s. Look at the box office, Marvel made over $700 million so far on a film involving a guy with super power that dresses up as a cat – no offense to Black Panther either, it was a great film. Imagine how stupid you would sound if you walked out of that movie and said “I didn’t like it, it was clearly fake.” Just enjoy what you enjoy, not everyone has to like the same thing you do.

I also noticed the use of the word “gay” over and over again like a child-like insult. Mix in with the lack of spelling and grammar and it makes you question MMA fans. I don’t want to lump all MMA fans together though. I too watch UFC and I like to think I’m not an insufferable douche – although I’m sure some would beg to differ. Not all of them where Tom Hardy shirts and think they’re tough, but it seems like all the comments are from those kinds of people. I’d like to see them go into a ring and get punched in the face a few times for less money than you’d get for wrestling in the WWE.

The unfollow comment is an interesting choice because it is kind of saying “I don’t care about this, but I kind of do.” What are they expecting? Do they think Ronda is going to message them personally and beg them to bring back their negativity to her page? This seems like a desperate plea for attention and only reminds me of Michael Scott shouting “I declare bankruptcy” in The Office. I also wonder why people follow someone they don’t like on social media. Do they have that little to do with their lives than to follow someone just to belittle and disrespect them? There has to come a point where you look in the mirror and question what you’re doing with your life.

This is someone who stepped in to fight with a record of 12-2, but somehow that makes her scared? Yeah fuck Ronda’s health; keep fighting for my twenty-five minutes of entertainment! As long as I’m satisfied I don’t mind you living the rest of your life out in a wheelchair drooling all over yourself.

In the end, I understand why celebrities say social media is toxic; this is a valid example of the way people can treat someone and then just go on with their day without consequence. I for one enjoy MMA and wrestling and am thrilled to see Ronda doing what she loves on a high level. I just hope she can block out all the hate because I’m sure it can take a toll on one psyche. Good luck to Ronda in her WWE stint and screw everyone else!

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